Drew Sidora Struggles With Ex Ralph And The Quest For An ‘Amicable Divorce’

An American singer and actress by the name of Drew Sidora Pittman. She is well-known for her recurring parts in the Disney Channel Original Series That’s So Raven as Chantel, the 2006 film Step Up as Lucy Avila, the VH1 TLC biographical film CrazyS*xyCool: The TLC Story as Tionne Watkins, and the BET comedy-drama The Game. In 2020, she debuted on the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sidora only began acting in 1995, when she was 10 years old. But when she initially made an appearance in White Chicks in 2004, that is when her primary career started. However, this actress was the youngest member of the “Hook Players Theater Ensemble” in Hollywood, California, and she did a large number of commercials.

But at just nine years old, she made an appearance in the Fox TV film Divas starring Nicole Ari Parker, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Khalil Kain. She has appeared in That’s So Raven, Step Up, Blessed & Cursed, and a cameo role as a High School Girl Group recruiter in Girlfriends in 2006. I kindly ask that you stay connected throughout our discussion as we explore the topic of Drew Sidora’s divorce in more detail.

Drew Sidora Divorce

Drew Sidora is considering what will happen to her and Ralph Pittman now that their marriage has come to an end. The Real Housewives of Atlanta actress opens up about her divorce from her ex-husband and the moment she realized there was no turning back in an exclusive.

“Well everything in the petition I obviously stand by and it was just a culmination of things that should not happen in a marriage,” Sidora, 38, explains. “And I think the inability to own it, the inability to apologize, the inability to work through it, the inability to care about my emotional state and wanting to work and heal that, was very challenging.”

Sidora made a series of shocking accusations against her ex-partner in March, claiming that he was a “serial adulterer and cheater” who had financially and emotionally abused her and had even become “physically aggressive” with her at one point.

A “boiling point” was reached, in Sidora’s words, when some of their marital problems “started to happen on camera” and she started to experience “embarrassment on top of what we were dealing with behind closed doors.”

“[It was] definitely the breaking point and enough is enough,” she confesses. “And I didn’t see that coming. Of course I was forever, but it was like [there was] nothing else left for me to hold onto because the behavior and inappropriateness just never stopped. It was just too much.”

Pittman apologized for his role in the couple’s split in an exclusive statement, sharing, “I love my wife with all my heart. It is no secret that marriage is a challenging journey, one that is not for the faint of heart. My family means the world to me and I’ve dedicated myself to providing support, encouragement and acting as a pillar of strength for my wife and children.”

Drew Sidora Divorce

“Although we know the real reason that ultimately led to my request for divorce, I’m taking this time to be more introspective and working to become the best version of myself,” he continued. “I stand by my response to the petition however I sincerely apologize for my part in the deterioration of our relationship. As seasons change, I’m hopeful and optimistic for brighter days ahead.”

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The Step Up actress claims that, despite the seriousness of her claims, she is “hopeful for an amicable divorce.”

“I’m hoping for a great co-parenting partner. I’m hoping for us to come out of this and be able to be friends and be respectful,” she continues. “I’m hoping for my kids to be happy and just to really see what life has for me on the other side of all this. It’s hard to imagine right now, but I would love to just be completely whole moving forward.”

“Love is a beautiful thing,” he wrote at the time. “Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other. Drew and I have decided to file for divorce. We have three amazing young children, and their mindset and growth is what is most important. As we navigate this difficult time, I ask that you please respect our privacy.”

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