Dexter Season 9: Who Will Be There? Check Here!

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) captivated viewers from the outset of his Showtime series. This blood spatter analyst by day and vigilante by night was a huge hit with viewers when it premiered in 2006, making him one of television’s most popular characters at the time. People are still debating the finale of Dexter, even after the show was cancelled in 2013.
In Dexter’s last episode, the team assumed he had perished in a boat disaster while attempting to flee his old life in order to start a new one in Buenos Aires. Dexter has a new identity in Oregon, and we soon discover that he is still alive. A season 9 of Dexter Morgan has been long rumored, but there has been no official word from the program on whether or not it is ever going to happen.

There’s good news for Dexter fans: Showtime has renewed the series for a 10-episode ninth season. Dexter (via Deadline). Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips are likely to return, and here’s everything else we know so far about the revival.

Is there going to be a new season of Dexter?

Limited run is expected to begin production in the first quarter of 2021 and is expected to be published in the autumn of that year, according to Deadline. has confirmed that production is on track for December 2020, therefore this deadline may really be met.

On the other hand, Gary Levine, Showtime’s Co-President of Entertainment and Co-President of Programming, was quoted by Deadline as saying, “This character would only be revisited if we could come up with a new approach worthy of the fantastic, original television series. Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have unearthed it, and we can’t wait to film it and present it to the world.” Phillips served as showrunner, executive producer, and writer for the first four seasons of the series. While he was a consultant on numerous episodes of season 5, his involvement with the show has since faded. While his comeback is significant, he isn’t the only returning cast member.

Dexter Season 9

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Dexter Season 9 Cast: Who Will Be There?

Their roles on Dexter have been replaced by other actors. Like Michael C. Hall’s appearance on The Crown and his collaboration with Adam Driver in the upcoming film The Report in the year 2019. In an interview with Deadline, Hall said on the record that he would consider returning to the part that made him famous if the chance arose, and it seems that this is what occurred. Currently, Hall is the only cast member who has been confirmed to return, although additional performers might potentially make cameos in this revival.

Assmably, David Zayas and C.S. Lee will reprise their roles as Angel Batista and Vince Masuka, respectively, in season four. Dexter’s eighth season ended with the death of Debra Morgan, who was played by Jennifer Carpenter. After four seasons as showrunner, Clyde Phillips has suggested that Carpenter might return to represent her role in flashbacks, dreams, or recollections on a new season of Dexter. “It’s possible to work some cinematic magic here. That’s all I have to say about it “he told Us Weekly. She may or may not return, but Phillips hasn’t declared for sure since it is a question he “can’t answer” at this time.

This is the first definite new addition to the cast since season 9 was announced, according to Screen Rant, who claims that John Cusack will also be adding a little star power to the upcoming new season. According to reports, Cusack will portray a man called Kurt, who certainly seems like a fascinating potential victim for our titular anti-hero to go up against in the movie.

It was announced by The Hollywood Reporter on November 17, 2020, that renowned filmmaker Marcos Siega has signed on as an EP for the reboot.
In addition, he will direct six of the scheduled episodes. Phillips and Siega have worked together for many years. When Dexter ran for eight seasons, he helmed nine episodes that received high marks from critics, so his inclusion should help Phillips achieve his aim of making up with fans who felt betrayed by the season 8 conclusion.

Further casting announcements will be made in the coming months, so be sure to keep checking back. Dexter season 9 will begin filming in early 2021, thus Showtime has to announce the actors as soon as possible to get the show up and running.

Dexter Season 9: Plotline

At this time, there are no specifics available on the plot of Dexter season 9. In light of season 8’s open-ended nature, there are several routes in which the revival may go.

On Reddit and elsewhere, fans have shared their thoughts on how this narrative may proceed. Friends of Dexter Morgan thought he had dead when we last saw him; yet he had fled the city and arrived in Portland, Oregon under an assumed name! When a new serial murderer starts making the rounds, it’s conceivable that Dexter will be dragged out of his solitude. His former friends are certain to find that he’s still alive, and they’ll set out to get him.
TV Insider quotes Phillips as saying, “We’re going ahead to a finale that will be, as Chekhov said, startling but inevitable,” which is odd given how little substance it gives. For meaningful information, Phillips only revealed that the resurrection will start up eight years later and feature Dexter “someplace we’ve never seen him before.”

Even a real-life Dexter Morgan or Clyde Phillips’ original finale for the program may be used as inspiration for the reboot. When Dexter is condemned to death, Phillips’ plan is for him to watch his life flash before him as the murders he has taken down in previous seasons present to him in a series of visions (via Digital Spy). As the ninth season progresses, it is possible that Dexter may eventually be forced to face the consequences of his misdeeds.

While it’s nice to see Michael C. Hall return as the legendary character, Showtime’s publication of a photo of him does not reveal much about the upcoming storyline.

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A lot more information will be released in the following months, but for those of us who can’t get enough of Dexter Morgan’s heinous deeds, this revelation is welcome. Updates will be made accessible as soon as they are available.

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