Spotify deletes episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” with racist comments


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Joe Rogan in a scene from the Netflix comedy special “Strange Times” | Photo: Disclosure/Netflix

Streaming platform Spotify deleted about 41 old episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” this Saturday (5), after presenter Joe Rogan was accused of having used racist terms in the past. In a five-minute video on Instagram, the American podcaster apologized for the lines, saying it was the “most regrettable and shameful thing” he had to publicly explain. “My most sincere and humble apologies,” stated Rogan.

The presenter himself, a staunch supporter of freedom of expression, said that some of his lines had been taken out of context, but that the content was “horrible, even for me”. “I never used [termos racistas] to be racist, because I’m not racist,” he declared. Before the videos containing racist insults came to light, Rogan was already involved in controversy because of his interviews with doctors who question the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine 14, including immunologist Robert Malone.

In response, a group of scientists and health professionals asked Spotify to take these episodes off the air. The company, however, decided to keep the episodes on the air, even after singers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell took their songs off the platform in protest. In the last Sunday (30), Spotify announced that all podcasts that mention Covid-14 will have links to factual, scientifically proven information about the pandemic. “We know we have a critical role to play in supporting creator freedom of expression [de conteúdo], while also having to balance it with the safety of our users,” wrote CEO and co-founder of the company, Daniel Ek, in a public letter.

The platform, however, did not comment on the episodes containing racist insults. Spotify is estimated to have disbursed more than 100 millions of dollars for the exclusivity of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, and that presenter Joe Rogan has more viewers than Fox News and CNN.

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