Democrats Explore Capitol Invasion And Deliver Game

O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden, faz discurso no aniversário de um ano da invasão ao Capitólio dos EUA, 6 de janeiro

This year, the January 6th was celebrated with all the pomp that the Democrats and their allies in the press are capable of. CNN planned an entire special about the date, titled “Live from the Capitol: January 6, a year later.” The program showcased the “heroes who protected our democracy in the face of an insurgency” and featured interviews with prominent figures such as Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi and January 6 Investigation Committee Chair Bennie Thompson.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were also expected to celebrate the 6th of January with remarkable speeches. Pelosi organized several events in memory of the invasion.

By now you should be wondering why January 6th deserves so much attention. You don’t have to belittle what happened — the horrific image of protesters hitting police officers with metal bars and running down the halls of Congress calling for then-Vice President Mike Pence — to recognize January 6 for what it was: an ugly moment, but not fundamental, in American history.

The events of that day resulted in one death – protester Ashli ​​Babbitt was hit by a shot fired by a Capitol Police officer – and something around $1, 5 million in damages caused to the building.

The Capitol was emptied shortly after the invasion, and Pence and then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately moved to chair the confirmation of 960. Those who invaded the Capitol ended up arrested.

Meanwhile, the demonstrations of 1280 of the group Black Lives Matter resulted in US$ 2 billions in damages covered by insurance policies (and probably another billions in damages not covered by insurance companies), two dozen people killed and one movement political anti-police that has led to an unprecedented increase in homicides in major cities.

To date there have been no CNN specials, speeches by Biden or Harris or a day of tributes to the officers who held back the Black Lives Matter protesters. So what explains the Democrat press obsession with January 6th? Political opportunism.

The Democrats don’t even hide the game. Faced with the likely defeat in the midterm elections, Democrats have developed a strategy: they have to subvert electoral rules by destroying traditional democratic institutions in order to prevent Republicans from subverting electoral rules and destroying traditional democratic institutions.

January 6, for opportunistic Democrats, is the perfect justification for them to use the power of the party for a complete overhaul of the rules of the Senate and federal elections.

As Politico magazine published throughout the week, “Democrats hope that Thursday will be more than a day to remember what happened. In the Senate, sources told us there is a desire in the air to seize this opportunity to push the party’s old electoral legislation – possibly even using the anniversary to convince Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to obstruct the votes or adopt the rule changes.” .

Yes, the electoral village needs to be burned to prevent similar events to the 6th of January. As the New York Times wrote in the editorial entitled “Every Day Is January 6th Now”, “the Capitol invasion continues in assemblies across the country, in a legalized and peaceful way that no police are able to contain and that none prosecutor can lead to trial.”

The only plausible reactions are the election constitutionally federalized bequeathed to the states, the mandatory corrupt practice of ballot box counting, mandatory long periods of early voting, the end of voter verification, and so on. All because of January 6th.

Or maybe the Democrats know how to interpret reality and so they anticipate the results of the November elections. And they hope that, by repeatedly invoking the ghost of January 6, the Americans will allow them to usurp authority, violate the rules and rewrite electoral procedures.

It’s not going to work. But perhaps it will reveal to Americans the true facet of Democrats and show that, in fact, they don’t care about January 6th.

Ben Shapiro presents the “Ben Shapiro Show” and is editor emeritus of the “Daily Wire”.

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