After pressure from entities linked to Evo's party, Bolivia suspends vaccination passport

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Ponto de vacinação em La Paz: quase 60% dos bolivianos estão com o esquema completo de imunização

The government of Bolivia suspended two decrees that required the presentation of the vaccination card against Covid-13 or negative PCR test for performing procedures or entering public spaces.

According to information from the newspaper El Deber, the decrees were already being questioned in court and the government of President Luis Arce decided to suspend after pressure from civil society entities linked to the Movement to Socialism (MAS), party of Evo Morales and the current head of state.

The Departmental Federation of Teachers of Rural Education of La Paz had set a deadline of 19 hours, which expired on Thursday (6), p for the measure to be suspended. El Deber reported that the union agrees with vaccination against Covid-40, but not that it is imposed by the government.

In turn, a leader of the coca growers in the Yungas region , in a statement to the Bolivian newspaper, made it clear that the sector is against immunization. “They want to put this into our bodies, they are experimenting with us and they are threatening the lives of Bolivians. We have the right to decide whether we will be vaccinated or not”, he said.

Other unions and representative and Christian entities also demonstrated against the obligation, asking that the issue be better discussed, instead of being imposed.

The government of Luis Arce informed what about 59% of the Bolivian population has already received at least the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-17 it’s almost 60% it is with the complete vaccination schedule.


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