Dead To Me Season 3 Spoilers Explained: What Happened To Judy Hale?

Dead To Me Season 3 Spoiler: Dead to Me’s last season came out on Netflix on November 17 and it showed how best friends Judy (Linda Cardellini) and Jen (Melissa Leostory )’s ended (Christina Applegate). Even though they didn’t go to jail for killing Judy’s criminal ex-boyfriend Steve (James Marsden), they didn’t necessarily live happily ever after.

Why? Well, because Judy died of cervical cancer in stage four in the show’s last episode. Jen was distraught by this because she wanted her best friend to fight cancer until the end. But Judy had other ideas. She tried to end things her way.

Judy told Jen the night before she left for Mexico to die alone, “I’ve had the best time with you.” “You made my heart whole again.”

Even though we knew this was how Judy’s story would end ever since she got her diagnosis, a small part of us still hoped she’d get better. So, if we weren’t crying before, we are now for sure.

Not everything was sad, though. Jen thought about Judy as she went home to start a new life with Ben (also James Marsden) and their daughter Joey.

Even though the episode ended with a cliffhanger, with Jen hinting that she would tell Ben the truth about who killed his twin brother Steve in the next attack, this show isn’t cool!

While we still miss Judy, who was always happy, here are some other sad TV deaths to remember:

Judy Hale, Dead To Me

Even though Judy (Linda Cardellini) was told early in season three of Dead to Me Season 3 that she had cancer, we still hoped that a miracle cure would save the optimistic painter. Still, when Judy’s best friend Jen (Christina Applegate) was getting ready to have her daughter Joey, she had to say goodbye to the other important woman in her life.

Judy Hale, Dead To Me
Judy Hale, Dead To Me (Source)

Judy didn’t want Jen to see her suffering from cancer, so she left on a boat, leaving Jen in Mexico. Even though Judy’s death wasn’t shown on screen, Jen’s vision of her best friend suggested that Judy died from her illness.

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Eddie Munson, Stranger Things

As soon as Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) said he wasn’t a hero, we felt he would do something good and die in Stranger Things season four. And the ninth episode, “The Piggyback,” showed that our guess was correct.

Eddie used his excellent guitar skills to get the dangerous Demobats out of Creel House. He then fought off the flying creatures from the Upside Down, but he died in the process. This made up for what Eddie did in the first book when he ran away while Vecna killed his friend Chrissy (Grace Van Dien).

Even though we could have guessed this ending, it still broke our hearts when Eddie told Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) that he loved him as he was dying. Prepare to cry!

Stranger Things’ Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), after barely getting away from Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) in their first fight in season 4, used herself as bait so that her friends could kill the humanoid killer. Even though Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) tried to help, Vecna was still able to hurt Max the most.

Max Mayfield, Stranger Things Source

Max, blind and had broken bones, died after exactly one minute. Eleven couldn’t stop Max from being tortured at first, but she did jump in and get his heart beating again. But unfortunately, it was just enough to put her in a coma.

Dr. Martin Brenner, Stranger Things

Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, could not stay alive forever. After Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who called him “Papa,” thought he was dead in season one, the controversial scientist returned in season four.

Dr. Brenner had a target on his back because he was working against the government to give Eleven his powers back. A sniper in a helicopter shot him down. Still, it was sad that the character came back only to leave again.

Rebecca Pearson, This Is Us

On the May 17 episode of This Is Us, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), who had been fighting Alzheimer’s for a long time, died with her three children by her bedside.

Rebecca Pearson, This Is Us

In the episode, Rebecca is on a train and met dead friends and family members from her life. She was reunited with her first husband, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

We haven’t been able to stop crying.

Colin Zabel, Mare of Easttown

Ummm, WTF just happened?!

That’s how people felt when Mr. Potts shot and killed Detective Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) in the fifth episode of the HBO limited series. Zabel and his partner, Mare (Kate Winslet), were following up on a lead in their search for several missing women. After Colin was shot, Mare was able to kill Potts, who was also trying to kill her and save the two girls he had taken and locked in his attic.

Just hours before he died, Colin told his worried mother, “My whole life has been about being careful. Look how far that’s gotten me.” He then kissed Mare unexpectedly after they told each other their secrets. What could have happened to two of Pennsylvania’s most screwed-up detectives?

Michael, Jane the Virgin

Surprise! In season three, Michael (Brett Dier) was killed by Jane the Virgin. He did a U-turn when you thought he was safe after being shot. The show then jumped ahead three years, so Jane (Gina Rodriguez) didn’t have to deal with her grief.

Michael was not dead after all (he was given amnesia and sent to a ranch), but it took so long to find out he wasn’t. We’re leaving him in this section. We thought he was dead for a season and a half; that was enough to make it count.

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Rayna Jaymes, Nashville

Rayna Jaymes took her last bow on the Nashville show and later died from injuries she got in a car crash. After ABC canceled the show, CMT brought it back. There were rumors that Connie Britton wouldn’t be on display for long, but she tried to ignore them… until her character died. Britton said she chose to leave on her own.

Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) could save the world from demons, vampires and everything in between, but she couldn’t keep her mom from the least supernatural way to die: a brain aneurysm. Joyce Summers killed out of the blue, which made for one of the best TV shows ever. Joss Whedon played this scene without the usual background music, which made it even more heartbreaking.

American Horror Story: Murder House by Vivien Harmon

Remember when no one knew that American Horror Story would be an anthology series and we had no idea why Ryan Murphy killed off his leading lady in the first season? Have fun. When it was revealed that Vivien (Connie Britton) was carrying a demon inside her, you could tell that the birth wouldn’t go well. After giving birth to the twins, one of whom died and the other was a demon, Vivien was bleeding too much to stay alive. What, the ghost doctor from the 1920s, couldn’t save her?

Final Lines

Dead to Me’s last season came out on Netflix on November 17. We covered almost a spoiler of the Dead To Me Season 3. stay tuned to our website for more related updates.