David Venable Weight Loss: A QVC Host’s Transformation Journey!

In the Kitchen with David, hosted by American TV personality and author David Venable on QVC since 2009, has been airing regularly. Inspired by the show, he has also penned recipes. His home address is on Rittenhouse Square in Charlotte, North Carolina. David’s Food Court (2011), Chow Ciao! with Fabio Viviani (2011), and QVCtv (2006) are just a few of his well-known works.

He started working for QVC in 1993. From then, he worked up hosting his shows on the network after first promoting the company’s gourmet food products. I’d like you to please stay connected throughout our discussion as we further explore the topic of David Venable’s Weight Loss.

David Venable Weight Loss

David Venable should do a victory dance after reaching his most recent goal. The QVC host celebrated one year of health and fitness by posting pictures of his physical transformation before and after.

“On February 3, 2022…I met with my doctor and we had a very direct conversation about my need to be my best self,” he wrote on Instagram. “The photo on the left is right after I left the doctor’s office and the photo on the right shows me one year later and 70 POUNDS DOWN!”

In a follow-up, the author of Half Homemade, Fully Delicious, said, “Thank you ALL for your incredible support and encouragement.”

On the first anniversary of the beginning of his health improvement process, he received precisely that. Close friends from QVC commented on David’s post, congratulating him on his success.

“Proud of you!!! Congratulations!! 👏🏼 you are a true inspo!” another fan noted.

An inspired fan wrote, “So awesome and not always easy but worth it. Congrats and you are inspiring to many others❤️.”

David Venable Weight Loss

How, then, did David pull it off? When his doctor of 20 years finally told him he needed to lose 40 pounds, he went on Facebook Live and shared some of what he’d learned. The first thing that was done was to begin a low-carb, low-sugar diet.

“I did a lot of learning and reading labels,” he said in July 2022. “I spend twice as much time in a grocery store now. Nothing goes into my cart before I read the label.” 

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David acknowledged that it was challenging to establish new habits at first, but he is pleased with the positive changes he has made in his health with the help of his family doctor. The main chef at QVC, David, is still sampling the dishes he promotes on-screen during episodes like “In the Kitchen With David.”

“I’m just being more conscious everyday of what I’m eating and moving more,” he said. “It’s hard to get started, but once the scale starts moving in the right direction and you start feeling better and the doctor is happy and your blood numbers are good, this is all so important.” 

Did David Venable From Qvc Had Weight Loss Surgery?

David Venable did not have gastric bypass or bariatric surgery. The chef dropped all of the weight naturally and by controlling his diet. Given how much weight he shed in that brief period, it’s reasonable for supporters to wonder about his medical treatment. With pure determination and a good regimen, he did not need to perform any procedures, nonetheless.

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