Criminal Minds Evolution Ending Explained: Does the Bau Find Rossi?

In reality, “Criminal Minds: Evolution” on Paramount+ is the 16th season of “Criminal Minds” on CBS. The primary plot centers on the Behavioral Analysis Unit’s (BAU) efforts to apprehend Sicarius, the leader of a network of serial killers that emerged during the COVID pandemic.

Rossi (Joe Mantegna) experiences hallucinations about his dead wife in episode 10, “Dead End,” as confinement wears on him and his BAU colleagues fight against time to free him. Elias (Zach Gilford), under increasing pressure from the authorities, comes perilously close to killing his family.

Here is all the information about how “Criminal Minds: Evolution” ended its first season. Spoilers follow.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 10 Recap

Rossi remembers telling Krystall about his promotion as the season finale opens. The experienced agent appears to be given new life by the memories, and he discovers enough bomb materials in his underground prison. JJ (AJ Cook) and Luke (Adam Rodriguez) brief the search party about the most recent case developments while doing so at the Seattle field office.

When Elias Sicarius calls them again, Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), who is in Washington, is instructed to capture the feed. The AG tells Paget Brewster and Nicholas D’Agosto that she has no desire to negotiate with a serial killer during their meeting. She directs Prentiss to release images of Voil’s wife and children to the public.

In answer, a shocked Prentiss cautions the AG that Voit will kill his family and Rossi if he believes he has nothing to lose. She thinks they need to give the impression that they are open to negotiating with Voit.

Criminal Minds Evolution Ending Explained
Criminal Minds Evolution Ending Explained

The following time Voit phones, he insists on speaking with Deputy Director Bailey, who has effectively taken on the role of the spokesperson for the Sicarius inquiry, leading Prentiss to conclude that Voit wants to meet with him for this reason.

The BAU team members are not ordinary, but throughout the call, Voit uses the phrase “Gold Star” in a setting that shouldn’t cause suspicion in regular people. As the BAU draws near, Voit, whose name is Lee Duval, begins to lose himself in his family. After seeing one of his children using it, he destroys her phone.

He threatens his wife before his daughters step in and stop him. He begins to see that what Rossi had said about him was accurate: he would murder his family if they proved to be a burden to him.

Criminal Minds Evolution Ending Explained

Yes, Sicarius has discovered it in the season one finale. Bailey interacts with the AG after discovering that Voit is aware of Gold Star. Rebecca is in the room with us as well. They talk about both legal and illegal ways to handle the circumstance.

The AG effectively informs Rebecca that if they choose to go against the law and kill Voit with undue prejudice, even if it entails the lives of Rossi and Voit’s family, she needs her to take the blame for her. The AG ultimately decides to pursue legal action, and Bailey notifies Prentiss that Voit and his family will be free to go after making this decision.

Bailey approaches the serial murderer to speak with him when the BAU finds Voit and his family, but the killer shoots him in the head shortly after. Will gets Harlow and Holly out of there while talking to Bailey. His vest shields him even if he is shot. The gun is empty as Voit tries to shoot his wife, Sydney. Then Luke shows up and takes him into custody.

Does the Bau Find Rossi?

It seemed inevitable that Rossi’s kidnapping would be handled in this episode because it nicely set up the conclusion. With the explosive he makes, Rossi attempts to blow through the container’s door, but his efforts are unsuccessful.

Rossi begins having hallucinations about Krystall, who instructs him to forgive himself while he battles with the oxygen shortage. After being detained, Voit will only speak to the Attorney General.

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The BAU persuades Sydney to talk to her husband after realizing that Rossi is getting closer to passing away. Since Elias attempted to shoot her, this was the first time they had spoken. She can persuade him to divulge Rossi’s whereabouts, and the senior agent is saved.

However, she is still attempting to come to terms with the knowledge that the man she has been married to for 15 years is a serial killer.

What Is Gold Star?

The mystery surrounding Gold Star is still unexplained as the first season concludes. It’s likely to be covered in season 2, which has already received approval. Gold Star seems to be a highly secretive topic that only senior government personnel are aware of. The other man and Bailey are the only people with specific knowledge when Bailey visits Voit.

As a result, Voit kills Bailey, proving to the authorities that he is the only person aware of the truth. Benjamin Reeves, the son of senator Martha Reeves, was one of Voit’s previous apprentices. It’s likely that Gold Star, whatever it may be, somehow relates to the late senator. It might have been a covert undertaking that the senator was working on.

The term “Gold Star” is frequently used in a military context in the US. A family that has lost a member while on active duty is known as a Gold Star family. Therefore, it’s equally possible that Gold Star has been utilized in that sense in “Criminal Minds: Evolution.”

There are now several BAU members that are aware of Gold Star. When Tara asks Rebecca about it, she becomes evasive. The special forces transport Voit to a secret location in one of the season’s last sequences.

The scene turns to darkness as someone is about to walk into the questioning room where Voit is left alone. This individual is either the AG or a former cast member who is now a senior government figure.

Do Penelope Garcia and Tyler Green Break Up?

Yes, Garcia and Tyler break up towards the end of the first season. Even though “Criminal Minds” isn’t usually a show about romance, it has always had relationships in its plot. Even BAU agents are people, after all. Garcia sees Tyler at the hospital after Voit is taken into custody.

He is doing well and has awakened. Before wishing Tyler a happy life and leaving, she talks of a parallel world in which they have forgiven him and reconciled.

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Tyler had been obsessed with Sicarius and devoted his life to catching the serial killer after losing his sister. He inserts a software bug into Rossi’s phone and follows him to Elias’ house using Garcia’s texts.

Eventually, Tyler and Elias got into a fight, and Elias shot Tyler in the process. Garcia decides to break things off with Tyler even though she understands why she did it since she felt cheated.

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