‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Recap: Season 16, Episode 4 “Pay-Per-View”

In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the search for Sicarius continues, and JJ and Will get some shocking news they didn’t expect. Read on to find out everything about “Pay-Per-View.”

A Mental Break (through)

Tara and Emily are trying to figure out how to get Tyler, their only suspect and source of information, to tell them more. He doesn’t like to talk to people in charge because he was kicked out of the military and other forces.

Emily calls Penelope because she thinks that she is the only one who can do the job. He doesn’t talk to her, but while Penelope is talking to Luke, she has an idea. What if they could get him to talk if they used a cognitive interview to help him remember things? That’s what they do, then. Tyler agrees to sit through the interview because of Penelope. They find out that his sister Alison and her boyfriend fought about Tyler. When he realizes he can’t describe him to Luke, it makes him feel upset. “Lee” is the name of the man they want to find.

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The Band of Brothers

A couple is ready to start their vacation when they get to Miami. They get a message that their home cameras have picked up movement, and when they check, they see that two people have broken in. The men with painted faces talk to them and tell them to enjoy the show. Then they cut the man’s throat. At the home of an older couple, the two men are fighting again. Even though they missed their flights, they won’t change their plans. They take another guard hostage, but this time they don’t get far enough to kill him before Penelope pings the address and sends SWAT and the BAU to the house. But it’s too late now.

Criminal Minds Season 16 Episode 4
Criminal Minds Season 16 Episode 4

They go back to the BAU to give the profile to the people there. People think the suspects are brothers and live in the area. Sicarius might also be able to help them. They find out that the two boys want to kill their soon-to-be stepmother to get back at her for killing their mother. Penelope turns off the camera, and the boys rush to get it back on as JJ and Tara walk into the house. Gael comes running out of the other room with a gun pointed at them. Tara shoots him and kills him. They allow Jude to not be in the same situation again if he drops the gun. Rossi tries to get Jude to say that Sicarius is involved, but Jude doesn’t understand what Rossi means.

Expect the Unexpected

Will and JJ get some time to themselves. JJ says that she was worried that they had lost their spark. Will tells her that they can work on any problems they have together. They are interrupted by an insurance agent who knocks on the door. Will has to get a physical, and after a bunch of tests, it looks like he might have cancer.

Final Lines

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