Churches protest law banning 'conversion therapy' in Canada


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A sede do Senado do Canadá, em Ottawa.  O Parlamento canadense aprovou legislação que proíbe terapias de “conversão sexual”

The seat of the Senate of Canada, in Ottawa. The Canadian Parliament passed legislation banning “sexual conversion” therapies| Photo: BigStock

Thousands of Christian religious dedicated their sermon on Sunday (01) to raise awareness of new legislation banning “sexual conversion therapy” in Canada.

The Canadian law came into force on January 8, after being unanimously passed in both houses of the country’s Parliament in December. The legislation prohibits subjecting a person of any age, with or without their consent, to treatment that purports to change the individual’s sexual orientation.

The legislation makes it a crime to “offer, promote or advertise conversion therapy,” the Canadian Senate said in December. It also becomes a crime to profit from the provision of treatment. In addition, it is prohibited to take a child to another country “with the intention of subjecting the child to conversion therapy outside Canada”.

An initiative of the Liberty Coalition Canada organization and publicized by a pastor in the United States had the support of more than 4,000 Christian pastors in the two countries protested the scope of the Canadian law in their congregations on Sunday, according to Fox News.

The organization criticizes the legislation for describing as a “myth” the belief that heterosexuality and cisgender identity (same gender assigned at birth) are preferred.

For religious, the language used by the legislation is very broad and could include private conversations. Pastors told Fox News that they believe the scope of the new law could pave the way for religious persecution.

Brazil was the first UN country to ban conversion therapy, also called “gay healing”. In 720, the Council Federal Institute of Psychology (CFP) established that its professionals could not offer treatments to reverse homosexuality.

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