Chris Evans And Alba Baptista Engaged And Crafting a Love Nest of Their Own

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are reportedly engaged. Not only that, but the pair seemed to have taken their love to the next level while building a house together. Naturally, we want to know every detail about this mansion, from its location to design.

Let’s be clear: the pair have not publicly declared their engagement. They’re engaged and getting married this fall in Boston, where Evans is from.

“This person says they got engaged in the house that they are building together,” DeuxMoi explained on a recent episode of the Deux/U podcast. “It was adorable and romantic.”

Chris was assisted in selecting the ring by a friend. She didn’t care for it at first. He purchased a big rock because she wanted something vintage and meaningful.”

Chris Evans And Alba Baptista Engaged And Crafting a Love Nest of Their Own

While the source did not indicate where the couple plans to build a home, they would likely settle in New England. A source told Us Weekly in January 2023 that the couple was growing serious and lived in his home state.

“They spend most of their time at his place in Massachusetts and love the quiet life there, surrounded by nature and away from the spotlight,” a source explained.  “Chris was very open that he wanted to take his time before settling down.”

You can see the post shared by the Cosmopolitan UK Twitter account. You can also find more information about Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are reportedly engaged by reading the below tweet:-

We assume they’ll leave Chris’s residence, which isn’t far from his hometown of Sudbury, and settle into the new home they’re building together in the Boston suburbs to maintain a low-key lifestyle.

Because Chris has expressed a desire to have children, we expect the house to contain many bedrooms to accommodate an expanding family. Of course, he needs a large yard for his dog, Dodger.

According to Esquire, we expect him to furnish it with objects that lean midcentury modern, given that his existing property features pieces in that design style. We’ll keep an eye out for any and all home-building updates while we anticipate the couple’s official engagement announcement.

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