Who is Charlie Puth Dating? His Past Relationships And Ex- Girlfriends

Who is Charlie Puth dating? CHARLIE Puth is a singer who became a YouTube star in 2015. Charlie Puth, who has been nominated for a Grammy, said that he went through the “worst breakup” of his life in 2019.

Then, he was on the single “See You Again,” which he co-wrote, co-produced, and performed with Wiz Khalifa to tribute to actor Paul Walker for the Furious 7 soundtrack. The song was number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks that weren’t all in a row.

It was certified 11 Platinum by the RIAA and helped him get nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and three Grammy Award nominations, including one for Song of the Year. After “See You Again” did well, he became known worldwide for his other songs, including his next single, “One Call Away.” The song got to number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Who Is Charlie Puth Dating?

Page Six says that Puth, who was born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey, is single right now. In a TikTok video, the 30-year-old star said that he had the “worst breakup” of his life in 2019. Puth said that he is going to write a new song about the breakup.

He told his TikTok followers, “I’m excited for the song to come out, but every time I hear it, it reminds me of a time in my life that was, really, really hard.”

“It just shows its ugly face every time I hear it,” Puth said, wiping tears from his eyes as he spoke. He went on to say that 2019 was his “f–king worst year.”

Who Has Charlie Puth Dated?

Even though he didn’t say for sure in his TikTok post who the song was about, it is thought to be about his most recent serious ex-girlfriend. Page Six says that Puth and singer Charlotte Lawrence, 21, were together for a total of seven months.

Lawrence is known to be friends with the Kardashians because she has been seen hanging out with Kendall and Kylie on social media. The couple broke up in September 2019. They made their relationship public on Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Lawrence has written songs about breakups, like her single Why Do You Love Me, which came out in July 2019.

Charlie Puth and his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Lawrence
Charlie Puth and his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Lawrence

“I never told anyone what happened to me and how painful it was to go through the worst breakup of my life in 2019,” he said in his TikTok post. “I just wanted to put it out of my mind, start over, and hang out with better people.” Puth was also said to have dated Selena Gomez for a short time, the outlet said.

In September 2019, he wrote on Twitter that he and Lawrence were no longer together. “Only because I don’t want people to keep asking… Yes, I am now single… Don’t believe everything you read, though…

“Thank you,” it said.

When Did Charlie Puth Release His Last Album?

Even though the news on his TikTok video was bad, singer Charlie Puth’s fans were happy to hear that he was making new music. Voicenotes, his last album, came out in 2018. That was four years ago. His new single about his breakup could be on a new album.

One fan tweeted, “Charlie Puth’s TikTok has made me more dangerous than anything else. I will do anything to help Charlie Puth.”

Another fan wrote, “Seeing you cry hurts my heart. I am so happy for you. WE’RE HAPPY FOR YOU. YOU GOT AHEAD. YOU ARE BETTER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN EVER. WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE.”

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