Ben Kingsley To Return As Trevor Slattery In Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’ Series

According to The Latest Information, Our Sources confirmed that Ben Kingsley who won an Oscar, will play Trevor Slattery again in the Marvel/Disney+ Wonder Man Series. Slattery is a failed actor who played Iron Man 3’s main villain, The Mandarin

In June, it was first said that the show was in the works. It will be about Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man, a character from Marvel Comics. In the comics, Williams is the son of a rich industrialist whose business fails because Tony Stark’s Stark Industries is also in business. Williams then agrees to take Baron Zemo’s offer, which gives him ionic superpowers like being strong and tough. Wonder Man fought the Avengers more than once, but in the end he joined them.

Since Slattery is a failed actor and Wonder Man has been both an actor and a stuntman in the comics, Kingsley’s return as Slattery makes it more likely that the show is meant to be a satire of Hollywood. Sources say that Kingsley will play a major role in the show, but they won’t say how he will fit into the story or how many episodes he will be in.

Ben Kingsley To Return As Trevor Slattery In Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’ Series
Ben Kingsley To Return As Trevor Slattery In Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’ Series

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Reps for Kingsley didn’t want to say anything. Marvel Studios does not comment on projects in development.’

Kingsley played Slattery for the first time in “Iron Man 3.” In that movie, Slattery is hired to play The Mandarin, the leader of a group of terrorists. At the end of the movie, his true identity is found and he is arrested. Then, he was in the short film “All Hail the King,” in which Slattery is in jail until someone working for the real Mandarin breaks him out. “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” was the last movie in which Kingsley played Slattery. Shang-Chi’s father, The Mandarin, Xu Wenwu, took him prisoner and kept him alive as a sort of court jester. Shang-Chi and his friends helped him get away in the end, and he helped them beat Wenwu.

Kingsley and Destin Daniel Cretton, who directed and co-wrote “Shang-Chi” and will be an executive producer and co-creator on the Wonder Man series, will work together again on this role.

Kingsley is one of the most famous actors of our time. He is known for his roles in movies like “Gandhi,” “Sexy Beast,” “House of Sand and Fog,” “Bugsy,” and “Schindler’s List.” For the first four of those movies, he was nominated for an Academy Award, and for “Gandhi,” he won the award for best actor. He has also been nominated for an Emmy four times and has been in shows like “Perpetual Grace Ltd.” on Epix and the “Watership Down” miniseries on Netflix. CAA, Independent Talent Group, and Goodman Genow all represent Kingsley.

Andrew Guest will be in charge of writing the show, Wonder Man. Cretton will be the show’s executive producer, and he may even direct an episode. He and Guest will also be the show’s creators. Cretton has an overall deal with Marvel Studios and Onyx Collective, which was announced at the same time that Cretton would return to write and direct the sequel to “Shang-Chi.”

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