Alexa Nikolas Responds to Britney Spears’ Apology for Yelling on Set

Alexa Nikolas and Britney Spears don’t have anything against each other. This week, Alexa said that Britney yelled at her on the set of Zoey 101.

This led the “Circus” singer to apologize on Twitter, saying that she had been told at the time that her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears was being picked on while they were filming.

Now Alexa is setting the record straight. “@britneyspears I’m sitting here crying with my jaw on the floor,” Alexa wrote in a Nov. 3 Instagram post. “Thank you for seeing me and listening to me. Thank you for apologizing. As you know I forgive you.”

Alexa added, “My child self and current self is in awe of the incredible person you are.” Alexa said that the incident happened when Britney was visiting her sister at the start of the show she was on from 2005 to 2006.

“It wasn’t OK because I was 12 or 13 years old,” Alexa said on the Nov. 1 episode of the Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano podcast. “But in retrospect, knowing the dynamic that was in place for her, I think, of course, that’s what ended up happening. And I think, like, oh my God, poor Britney. She is in a horrible situation there.”

Alexa said that Britney is an “amazing person” who’s apologized to her before. In her Nov. 3 apology letter, Britney said that seeing Alexa’s interview “broke” her heart.

“Although I have apologised to you personally just by ‘instinct’ my heart at the time didn’t know how incredibly good my family was with the ACTING LANGUAGE !!!!” the pop star wrote. “Just imagine … me visiting my little sister on her set, last day of shooting, bringing Sprinkles cupcakes … 9 months pregnant, hormones raging like hell.”

Britney said Jamie Lynn came up to her “sobbing” and told her she was “being bullied on set.” “My sister was literally like my daughter growing up,” she continued. “So I apologise for my ignorance for yelling at you when I obviously had no idea what was really going on !!!”

Britney Spears added, “I am so sorry for ever hurting your feelings !!!”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jamie Lynn wrote about her point of view in her book Things I Should’ve Said. Jamie Lynn wrote in her book that people on set were spreading rumours about her. She told Britney about it, and Britney confronted Alexa, who was thought to be the person who started the rumours.

“Britney didn’t waste any time getting to the point. ‘Are you making fun of my sister? Telling lies and spreading rumours? You shouldn’t do that!'” According to the outlet, Jamie Lynn wrote. “Britney told her that she wouldn’t keep jobs if she continued to treat people that way.”

But in January, Alexa went on Instagram to say that Jamie Lynn’s story was not true and that “everything she says is a total lie.”

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