Twitter Is Adding A New TikTok-Like Full-Screen Video Feature

Twitter said on Thursday that it is adding new features that will make it easier for users to find and watch videos on its platform. Most importantly, the company is releasing a video feed that can be scrolled like TikTok.

In the next few days, iOS users will be able to enter the new scrollable video feed by clicking on a video in their feed. When you’re done watching the video you clicked on, you can scroll up to find more videos to watch. You’ll then be in a feed of videos that you can scroll through, which is similar to how TikTok works. Click the back arrow in the top left corner to leave the viewer and go back to the original tweet.

Twitter says that the new immersive media viewer will make it easier for people to find videos that are interesting. The social network didn’t say when Android users will be able to use the immersive media viewer.

Also, the Explore tab on Twitter will soon have a new video carousel. Users will see a new section called “Videos for you,” which will show them popular and trending videos that the app thinks they might like.

Twitter Adding New TikTok-Like Full-Screen Video Feature
Twitter Adding New TikTok-Like Full-Screen Video Feature

In December 2021, Twitter started testing a video feed similar to TikTok so that users could have a more personalized Explore page. In this test, Twitter turned the whole Explore page into a video feed, complete with a “For You” tab. With today’s changes, Twitter isn’t trying to replace the whole Explore page with a feed like TikTok.

The company’s approach to a TikTok-like feed isn’t too bad, especially since users aren’t being forced to use it like they were in the previous test of a TikTok-like video feed. People who like scrollable video feeds can use the immersive view, and people who don’t want a video feed can choose not to open the immersive viewer.

But, of course, not everyone likes change, especially when a feature from another platform is copied. Instagram learned this the hard way when, a few months ago, users were so angry about its full-screen home feed that looked like TikTok that the company had to back down. It’s possible that Twitter doesn’t want to end up in a similar situation, which is why it’s making scrollable video feeds easier to control.

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