All Rise Season 3: When We Can Watch It? Read Here!

Thriller aficionados should be aware of Greg Spottiswood’s courtroom drama, All Rise, which he directed. It was released on September 23, 2019 for those who haven’t seen it yet. New judge Lola Carmichael is the star of the satirical television series that revolves on her first day on the job at Los Angeles Superior Court.

When the time is right, people look to her to take charge and make things happen. Many other lawyers in the courtroom are likewise known to labour relentlessly to provide justice despite the system’s shortcomings. When it was first released, it was met with mixed reviews from reviewers and fans alike.

Many people commended the show’s potential, but pointed out that it was impeded by outdated preconceptions that had been around for decades. The show’s variety, performances, and humorous banter were all praised by the audience.

Additionally, the film has been lauded for its depiction of personalities and conflicts. It’s been noted that the drama’s arrogance has irritated some viewers.

In spite of these reservations, the show has gained a cult following because of its message. The second season of All Rise will come to an end in 2021, and fans are anxiously awaiting news on whether or not a third season will be produced. That’s all there is to it, folks!

All Rise Season 3 Release Date

20 fresh episodes have been ordered for the cancelled CBS series starring Simone Missick. There will be a two-way streaming agreement between HBO Max and Hulu for the show’s episodes. The third season will begin in 2022, with WarnerMedia and Disney-backed streaming platforms releasing the episodes after the season is over. In addition to the third season airing on OWN, seasons one and two will be replayed.

All Rise Season 3 Detail

It was Steve Bogira’s novel Courtroom 302 that served as an inspiration for this series. Los Angeles courts’ judges, prosecutors, and public defenders are the focus of this documentary. Spottiswood, who is still the show’s executive producer, has kept quiet regarding the future season’s plot. As a result, we may be able to foretell some of the storylines in All Rise Season 3.

In the upcoming season, we will learn more about the mistakes made by authorised advisers, judges, and other officials. A new tale will be shown in certain respects. A trailer is all we need to do now. All Rise season 3 will get a narrative description once we see an official trailer.

All Rise Season 3

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All Rise Season 3 Casts

The good news is that most of Season 2’s cast members will return for Season 3. Your favourite artists will blow you away once more with their breathtaking performances. The following is a complete list of everyone who appeared in Season 2.

  • Miles’ portrayal of Sherri Kansky
  • Sara Castillo is played by Lindsay Mendez.
  • Alex Brinson portrays Deputy Luke Watkins in this scene.
  • Lola Carmichael has the last say on Simone Missick.
  • It was decided by Marg Helgenberger. Mark Callan is Lisa Benner Wilson Bethel in this scenario.
  • Emily Lopez (Jessica Camacho)

All Rise Season 3-The Scepticism Of The Critics

Based on 16 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes found a 56% approval rating with an average rating of 5.98/10.


Judges, prosecutor, and defence attorney’s lives are shown in All Rise as they labour together to give justice to the citizens of Los Angeles in the face of an unreliable court system. One of them is Lola Carmichael, a well-known and highly regarded deputy district attorney. As a new judge, she doesn’t aim to sit back on the bench, but rather to lean in and challenge the preconceptions of what a judge is.

Prior Postponement

Harris-Lawrence will be the only showrunner for the third season of All Rise. If Peabody-winning drama David Makes Man gets a third season after moving from CBS to OWN, Harris-Lawrence will have two shows on the Discovery-backed basic cable network.

CBS cancelled the drama All Rise in May of this year. One of the only CBS dramas featuring a Black protagonist, the procedural had an average of less than 6 million viewers after a week of delayed viewing last season.

Warner Bros. TV president Channing Dungey immediately began seeking for a new home for the show once it was cancelled in May, and discussions with OWN began shortly thereafter.

Director Harris-Lawrence worked with Missick and Len Goldstein to bring All Rise to life. Actors including Wilson Bethel, Jessica Camacho, Marg Helgenberger, and Lindsey Gort will appear in the show.

OWN’s written portfolio includes Queen Sugar, David Makes Man, Cherish the Day, and Delilah.

Is There All Rise Season 3 Available?

Season 3 of All Rise will premiere on OWN in the spring, the show’s star, Simone Missick, revealed on the show’s Instagram page on Tuesday. The actress also mentioned that the subject of the forthcoming run will be “fresh beginnings,” which is a perfect choice.

Last Words-

Simone Missick’s CBS courtroom drama has been resurrected for a 20-episode third season. Streaming rights for the show will be shared by HBO Max and Hulu as well. Starting on December 1st, the programme will be available on both platforms.

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