After A Shooting in The Nogales Area, Neighbors Express Their Reactions

In Tucson, Arizona, One man was shot and killed in the Nogales neighborhood of Kino Springs, which scared the people living there.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, little is known about the shooting. But people who live nearby say they are shocked by what happened late Monday evening, January 30.

Shooting in The Nogales Area
Shooting in The Nogales Area

Since ten years ago, Maria Castillo has lived at Kino Springs and West Sagebrush Road.

“I drive through here every day,” Castillo says. “Late, early and never encountered anybody, I feel very safe living here in the area.”

She said it is not rare to encounter border crossers in the neighborhood, but that so far, they haven’t caused any trouble. So, when Castillo heard that 73-year-old George Allen Kelly had shot and killed a man, it was a surprise.

Kelly is being held in the Santa Cruz County Jail on a $1,000,000 bond. She is being charged with first-degree murder. We don’t know who the victim is right now.

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The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office says it could likely be a migrant. But one neighbor who didn’t want to be named knew Kelly well and even called him his friend.

He told 13 News that Kelly had had problems with people on his property. He also says that he acted in good faith, no matter Kelly’s reason for the shooting.

Shooting in The Nogales Area

No matter why Castillo hopes that something like this will never happen again close to home.

“They just kind of get worried about it,” Castillo says. “But, I don’t know how long he has been living here but, never had a issue with that.”

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office says that the next step in the investigation is to find out who the man who was killed was. The body will be taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office on January 31.