Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz is Alive and Well in 2023

Yasin Cengiz, a famous dancer on TikTok known for her choreography to “Shtibidid Dom Dom Yes Yes,” is alive and well. In 2023, he will still be alive and well. People frequently search for breaking news on social media, which has become one of the most popular venues.

As a result, a lot of false information has been able to spread and mislead individuals. Similar circumstances occurred with the TikTok celebrity, who was believed to have passed away by many due to death hoax reports.

Who is Yasin Cengiz?

A popular TikTok user known for his belly dancing videos is Yasin. Turkey’s Istanbul is where he was born and raised. He became well-known after people saw a video of him dancing to “Shtibidid Dom Dom Yes Yes.”

Since then, the social media influencer has been making his signature dance move while touring the globe and working with other influencers. He presently has seven million followers on TikTok, which shows how effective his dance moves have been in growing his social media fan base.

Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz is Alive and Well in 2023

When people started posting tributes to Yasin on TikTok, word of his death first spread. People who were sad about the TikTok star’s sudden death uploaded old photos and videos of him.

Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz is Alive and Well in 2023
Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz is Alive and Well in 2023

But none of them said where they got their knowledge from. People quickly began to worry as they began to question whether the stories were accurate. The star is still alive and well. Even a few hours ago, he put something on his social media account that ended these rumors.

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