Aemond Targaryen Death? How Will His Impact The Future of The Iron Throne?

Before going ahead, let us inform you that this article contains a lot of spoilers. 

HBO’s “House of the Dragon” is currently one of the biggest shows. The prequel to the “Games of Thrones” is gaining popularity as the season is progressing. The fans have already guessed who the central characters of the show are. But the prequel is now getting close to the epic Dance of the Dragons which is basically the Targaryen civil war. During this war, a number of members of the prestigious House Targaryen, House Velaryon, and many more will be dying. And it is believed that Aemond Targaryen will be one of those who will be facing an early death. So, will Aemond Targaryen’s death be witnessed in the upcoming seasons? As “House of Dragons” is based on the popular series of George R.R. Martin books, we have already found the answer.

Aemond Loses His One Eye Early in His Life

If you have been following “House of the Dragon,” you will notice how innocent a child Aemond was. But the older he grows, the more he becomes resentful and fully against all of his siblings and nephews.  In the book “Fire & Blood,” we get to know how Aemond fully lost his one eye and got the nickname Aemond One-Eye. It all started when Vhagar didn’t have a rider for Laena’s funeral and Aemond insisted on being the rider. He wanted to take control over the dragon, however, he cannot do this in plain sight. Aemond had to carefully sneak out but young Joffrey, the son of Rhaenyra, caught him. To prevent his lies from getting caught, Aemond proceeds to slap Joffrey and even threatens him. 

Aemond Targaryen Death
Aemond Targaryen Death

But things escalated and Joffrey informed his brothers, Jacaerys and Lucerys. Soon Rhaenyra’s son started fighting against Aemond. Though they were using wooden training swords, the risks of getting harmed cannot be ignored.

In the midst of the fight, Aemond calls Rhaenyra’s sons “Strongs” which means bastards, and out of anger, Jacaerys proceeds to attack Aemond. He pulls out his daggers and, in a moment, slashes Aemond’s face. His right eye was permanently damaged forever.

After that, Alicent wanted Jacaerys to sacrifice his eyes, however, King Viserys was against it. The drama escalated but, in the end, Aemond stated that he didn’t mind losing one eye because he ultimately won over Vhagar.

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Aemond Targaryen’s Death? How Will He Die?

Aemond will become stronger and better as seen in “House of the Dragon”. Fans are curious to know about the ending of the series. So, according to the source material, after the death of Viserys, Aegon II who is Aemond’s older brother will become the king. Now, Rhaenyra was initially set to take over the throne. But things changed and when Aegon II became the king, Aemond sided with him.

But Lucerys was standing in support of his mother and he visits the Storm’s End to represent his mother. Things only got worse since Aemond already had hatred and they wanted to fight each other. That didn’t happen because Borros was against it. Thus, after the confrontation, Aemond hops on Vhagar and follows Lucerys. He ended up killing Lucerys and Arrax, who was his dragon. After that, he got the nickname “Aemond the Kinslayer”.

Over the period, acts of revenge heightened and rivalry was all over. However, his death was about to come. When Aemond was planning to burn down black-aligned settlements along with Vhagar, Daemon was patiently waiting to kill Aemond at Harrenhal beside Caraxes for as many as 13 days. On the arrival of Aemond accompanied by pregnant Alys, the duo started the Battle Above the Gods Eyes. With the fall of both the dragons, Daemon brings out his Valyrian steel and slashes another eye of the Aemond. He then threw Aemond’s body along with Vhagar’s skull deep into the lake.

This led to Alys becoming “witch queen” and ruling Harrenhal. Aemond does have a son with Aly who will be the only heir. But the fateful rise and fall of Aemond will be quite an interesting journey to watch in “House of the Dragon”.

With so much mystery lying right ahead of the series, the fans are highly interested to know all about the legacy of the Targaryen. The reputation that the House Targaryen holds was very much seen in the “Games of Thrones”. Now that the stories are unfolding, fans cannot wait to watch how this will ultimately turn out.

We are not sure if the entire story will be covered in this season or the next seasons, but whatever it is, the series is going to be epic. So, wait for the episodes to know about the ongoing drama in the House Targaryen.

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