House of The Dragon Is About To Recast Your Favorite Characters

Emily Carey and Milly Alcock are getting praise for their roles as Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen in the prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon. However, the two actresses’ time on the HBO fantasy show is almost up. In episode 6, which will air in a few weeks, two actors will be replaced, but they are not the only ones.

The change is because the show is about to jump forward in time. As it is based on parts of George R. R. Martin‘s 2018 book Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon season 1 takes place over 28 years. Several months pass between each episode, but ten years will have passed between episodes 5 and 6, which will air in the US on September 25. Keep reading to find out who will play Alicent, Rhaenyra, and more if you don’t like shocking casting changes…

Who Plays Rhaenyra Targaryen From Episode 6 onwards?

Emma D’Arcy will play Rhaenyra, the Princess of Dragonstone, beginning with episode 6. The actor is eight years older than Alcock, so it makes sense for them to take over the role when the story jumps ahead ten years.

Who Plays Rhaenyra Targaryen From Episode 6 onwards?
Who Plays Rhaenyra Targaryen From Episode 6 onwards?

D’Arcy has been in movies like Wanderlust, Misbehavior, Mothering Sunday, Hanna, and the comedy horror Truth Seekers, where they played a young woman named Astrid who lives alone and is haunted by a bunch of ghosts. Desperate to get rid of the ghosts, she asks for help from Nick Frost’s broadband installer-turned-paranormal investigator Gus Roberts and Samson Kayo’s Elton John, now his business partner.

After spending the first half of season 1 of House of the Dragon grieving her mother, living up to her role as named heir, and fending off potential suitors, the older version of the character will continue to deal with the Dance of Dragons, which is the Targaryen civil war.

D’Arcy recently told Vogue, “She’s been wrestling with these questions of identity and the limits of being a woman from a very young age.”

“That was the part of the text that spoke to me: seeing someone on the page who is so young but already knows that the rules are different for men and women.”

Who Plays Alicent Hightower From Episode 6 onwards?

Olivia Cooke will join the cast as Rhaenyra’s best friend-turned-stepmother Alicent Hightower when D’Arcy takes over for Alcock as Rhaenyra. Some of her most well-known roles are in Pixie, Ready Player One, Sound of Metal, Ouija, The Limehouse Golem, Vanity Fair, and Thoroughbreds, which she did with Anya Taylor-Joy.

Who Plays Alicent Hightower From Episode 6 onwards?

Cooke got good reviews for her role in the comedy-drama Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, which came out in 2015. However, she is probably best known for her role as Norman Bates’ friend Emma Decody in the Psycho prequel Bates Motel.

“It’s crazy to be in a show that comes after Game of Thrones. The experience has been like waves of calm and stress, “she had already told Harper’s Bazaar (opens in new tab). “When I first got the part, I was happy for four seconds, and then I was scared right away.” Cooke says that filming House of the Dragon was “a lovely bubble of love, creativity, and fun,” even though Alicent was under a lot of pressure and was in very serious situations.

Who Plays Leana Velaryon From Episode 6 onwards?

In the first few episodes of House of the Dragon, Leana Velaryon is said to be 12 years old. Since the story jumps ahead ten years, it makes sense that Nova Fouillis-Mose and Savannah Steyn would be replaced by someone older. From the sixth episode on, Nanna Blondell will play Leana.

Who Plays Leana Velaryon From Episode 6 onwards?

The Swedish-born actor hasn’t been in as many movies or TV shows as the two above, but she did have a small part in Marvel’s Black Widow. Last year, she starred in Red Dot, a Netflix thriller that was dubbed in Swedish.

Who Plays Laenor Velaryon From Episode 6 onwards?

Matthew Carver and Theo Tate have played Leana’s brother Laenor Velaryon, but John Macmillan will take over in episode 6. Macmillan may be best known for his role as Julian on Mitchell and Webb’s Back.

Who Plays Laenor Velaryon From Episode 6 onwards

Even though the young actors are being replaced, Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, and Rhys Ifans will continue to play King Viserys, Daemon Targaryen, and Otto Hightower, respectively, for the rest of the first half of season 1. House of the Dragon has already been picked up for a second season, but it’s not clear if the new four and the rest of the cast will stay for the whole second chapter or if they, too, will be replaced. Time will tell, and we’ll keep you up to date.

Will Milly Alcock And Emily Carey Ever Return To House of The Dragon?

In House of the Dragon, it’s hard to imagine how Milly Alcock and Emily Carey would play Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower again. There could be flashbacks, but the show seems to want to move the story forward, so they’re not likely. Still, the actors would like to come back…

“It’s been talked about. There have been talks about it,” Carey told The Hollywood Reporter in the past (opens in new tab). “But, to be honest, I don’t know anything and don’t have a clue. I would love to come back, of course. It depends on how people respond to it and where they want the show to go next. I just let things happen!”

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