What Is Xresolver, How to Use It? [Updated 2022]

It is a database service that keeps track of the Gamertags and IP addresses of users who are playing on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. Even though the information contained on the website is technically legal because it is publicly available information, it can cause major headaches for gamers who regularly participate in online competitions.


Additionally, Xresolver provides a service where players can pay a fee to have their IP address removed from the log for a period of time (referred to as “a lifetime”). It is not recommended to do so. IP addresses of gamers, as well as their relationships with Gamertags and online profiles, are stored in Xresolver, a database, and website that is openly accessible.

It should be noted that this specific information is publicly available, which means that sharing it on a public website is not technically illegal. Essentially, the problem is that the type of person who is interested in knowing which IP address corresponds to your specific profile (whether on PS4, Xbox, or PC) is unlikely to have your best interests at heart. Who would be interested in knowing what your IP address is if not your friends? A hacker is someone who hacks into computers.

How to change your IP address and protect yourself?

Because your internet provider’s DHCP server sets your public IP address, you won’t be able to change it yourself. You can, however, change the IP address of your PC or laptop. There are ways to change your IP address in your area, but it won’t help you if someone is putting a thousand bots into your home’s internet connection. Change the public IP address.

Resetting your router for a few minutes maybe the fastest and easiest way for you to get back online. You may also be able to disconnect and reconnect your NBN box if it has a 4G backup, but make sure this is true for your connection first.

A good VPN service can help you if you can’t figure it out on your own. There is no need to pay a hacker to help you. Keep your cool when playing games with strangers online. You should always know who you’re playing with and keep a cool head. Even though DDoS attacks can be bad, there are ways to avoid them, so don’t freak out if it happens to you.

How to use the Xresolver?

How to Use the Xresolver
How to Use the Xresolver

Xresolver has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple and quick to use. Following these steps will help you use Xresolver without any problems if you are having problems:

  • Go to the official site of Xresolver.
  • Click on Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver to see what’s going on with your game (Choose an appropriate option)
  • Enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to turn it into an IP address. Or enter the “IP address” to turn the Xbox Gamer tag into the IP address.
  • You then need to click on “Resolve.”

The process is now complete, and you may use the same procedure to resolve PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses, as well as IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags.

When you enter the gamer tag to resolve, it will undoubtedly be converted into IP format, as you would expect. The same is true for the PlayStation; simply enter the PSN username to determine whether or not it will be converted to IP.

How to Register and unlock full access on Xresolver?

The process of registering or signing up is straightforward, and you will not require any further information. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you will be able to access the Xresolver to its full potential:

  • Open the official XResolver website.
  • Locate the “Register” button and click on it to complete the registration process.
  • Fill out the “Sign up” form on this page.
  • Fill up the “Username” and “Email address” fields.
  • After you have entered your “Password” and “Confirm your password,” click on the Register button.


The Xresolver website was launched in 2017 and is capable of working with two different names: “Xbox” and “PlayStation.” Xresolver not only includes the ability to alter Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer tags, but it also has additional capabilities such as an IP Logger, PSN Username, IP Storage, and IP checker, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scanner, among others.

Final Words

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