Who Should Play Young Superman In The DCU?

Do you want to know, Who Should Play Young Superman In The DCU? Read Here: With the shocking news that Henry Cavill is leaving the DC Universe again just weeks after coming back, Superman, one of the best comic book characters of all time, will no longer be a part of it. James Gunn has said that a new movie is in the works, but that it will focus on a much younger version of the character.

Not everything is clear about how young Gunn sees his Superman, but we’re ready to make some suggestions about who could replace Cavill as the iconic Man of Steel.

Who Should Play Young Superman In The DCU?

Finn Wolfhard

The breakout star of Stranger Things is mostly known for playing nerdy or dorky characters who don’t have a lot of physical presence. Because of these things, we’re considering Wolfhard for the role of a young Superman. To tell a story about a Superman who might be in high school or college, you need to play Clark Kent well. You can easily explain away his lack of muscle by saying he’s not finished yet and is still trying to decide if he wants to be a hero or live a normal life.

Who Should Play Young Superman In The DCU
Who Should Play Young Superman In The DCU (Source)

Even though Tom Holland doesn’t look like he could be Spider-Man, he does a great job of being the character.

Dunn, Jackson A.

If you are a big fan of James Gunn, you may recognize the name. Brightburn was made by Gunn, and Dunn played the main character. The perverted take on the Superman archetype and mythology showed what would happen if an all-powerful being came to Earth with bad intentions. Dunn gave a strong performance as a loner who has to hide.

It would be a little strange, but Dunn, who is 19, feels and looks great for his age.

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Zach Barack

After his role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Barack would be the first openly transgender star of a Marvel blockbuster. He would be an interesting choice for DC and something different from what they usually do. Superman stands for truth, justice, and freedom. What could be more powerful than having someone from an underrepresented group play Superman?

The character has always been a stand-in for immigrants to the United States since Kal-El is an alien who comes to America and fights for the place he now calls home. Would a trans Superman be too much of a stretch? Barack has mostly done voiceover work and has also made TV appearances. In general, it seems like a good idea to cast someone who is unknown.

Timothée Chalamet

We want Chalamet to play the part just to show him up for saying in the past that he would never be in a superhero movie. Gunn seems to want to change things up a lot with his vision for DC and try to make it less grim and gritty than it was at first. What if he didn’t, though? What if, instead, Chalamet played a younger Superman who is moody and easy to irritate and that people just don’t like?

Chalamet plays this kind of role very well in Dune, so it’s clear that he can do it.

An Unknown Person

Trying to find a role for Superman might be the hardest thing that has ever been done with superheroes. Unlike many other famous heroes, Kal-El doesn’t have a mask over his face. He always shows his face, and the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to hide behind a mask is part of what makes him so interesting.

In this way, the best choice for a younger Kal-El might be someone who has never been seen before. So little is known that they don’t even have a Wikipedia page or any ideas about them. Christopher Reeve was unknown, so it was hard to separate him from the character in the end. It’s something you need. If they get a famous actor, it won’t be about Superman anymore; it will be about who plays him.

We won’t hear much more about this new Superman story for a long time, which gives Gunn plenty of time to come up with the best version of the character.

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