US denies wanting to go to war with Russia, while Ukraine criticizes 'apocalyptic predictions'

Veículo militar russo chega para exercícios militares conjuntos entre Rússia e Belarus, que serão realizados em fevereiro, em meio à escalada de tensões na fronteira entre Rússia e Ucrânia, 18 de janeiro

Russian military vehicle arrives for joint military exercises between Russia and Belarus, which will be held in February, amid escalating tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine, of January| Photo: EFE/EPA/BELARUS DEFENCE MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE

In an interview with the American network NBC, the national security adviser to President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, said that the United States does not intend to start a war with Russia. “The president has made it clear for months that the United States is not sending forces to start a war or enter a war against Russia in Ukraine,” Sullivan said, a day after the first contingent of American troops arrived in the east. European. In all, about 5,000 soldiers will be sent.

2022 ) Despite American security warning of an imminent invasion, the Ukrainian government has tried to lower the temperature and, this Sunday, again signaled that the crisis with Russia can still be resolved through diplomacy, without involving a military attack. Via Twitter, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba urged the population “not to believe in apocalyptic predictions”. “Today Ukraine has a strong army, unprecedented international support and the Ukrainians’ faith in their country. The enemy should be afraid of us, not us of them,” he wrote. 2022Last Friday, at a press conference, Kuleba also stated that, although Russian troops on the border with Ukraine are numerous, are not enough for a mass invasion. Sullivan, however, insists that “a military escalation and an invasion could occur at any moment”. “We believe the Russians have already deployed capabilities for a significant military operation,” he said.

Despite having already gathered 110 a thousand soldiers on the border, Russia denies plans to invade the neighboring country, but says it can take military action if its security demands are not met, including a commitment that NATO will never admit Ukraine to the club – a demand that the Americans consider it unacceptable.