Unsealed Documents Unveil Crucial Details in Delphi M*rders Investigation

Two Delphi, Indiana, children were ki!!ed, and recently-released court documents in the case have revealed new information, including what police found at the crime site and a purported confession from Richard M. Allen, the man accused of the girl’s m*rder.

According to documents released on Wednesday, Richard M. Allen was accused of ki!!ing Libby German and Abby Williams in 2017 and other crimes, confessed to his wife over the phone on April 3.

The Westville Correctional Facility, where Allen is detained while he awaits trial, made the call.

Records from the court show:

“On April 3, 2023, Richard M. Allen made a phone call to his wife Kathy Allen,” the record states. “In that phone call, Richard M. Allen admits several times that he killed Abby and Libby. Investigators had the phone call transcribed and the transcription confirms that Richard M. Allen admits that he committed the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.”

According to the court documents, Allen’s wife ended the call suddenly.

Allen’s defence lawyers claimed in another document, one of 118 court documents made available by the court on Wednesday, that they visited him in jail the day after that phone call and found him to be exhibiting a variety of “psychotic symptoms” that they described as “schizophrenic and delusional.” Additionally, they claim he has experienced “memory loss.”

Photos of Allen demonstrating his alleged decline from before his arrest to this spring, after he had spent months in pr!son in Indiana, were included in the documents filed by Allen’s defence attorneys.

Richard Allen Delphi Wife

Additionally, defence lawyers have requested access to Allen’s lodging at the Westville Correctional Center for inspection.

They assert that he has lost mental capacity due to his stay there and is receiving worse treatment than other pr!soners.

According to the records, the facility’s warden allegedly told investigators that Allen had been “wetting down paperwork he had gotten from his attorneys and eating it” at once. Additionally, he was “refusing to eat and sleep.”

Allen’s legal team has submitted petitions to suppress specific evidence in the case, such as his mental health records, any jailhouse interviews he may have conducted, and papers about his employment.

The recently revealed documents also state that the two girls’ ki!!ings were likely committed with a revolver and a knife and that socks and underwear were taken from the crime scene.

On one of the girl’s cell phones, one of the investigators’ audio recordings of someone saying “down the hill” was previously made public.

According to the data, investigators were able to link Allen to the crime site in the future through a variety of channels, including in 2017 when he admitted to a conservation officer that he had been on the route the day the girls vanished.

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Authorities claim they later matched an unfired round discovered close to the girls’ bodies. The records state that Allen could not explain why an unfired bullet would have been found there.

However, the Sig-Sauer gun that belonged to Allen was subjected to ballistic testing, which Allen’s attorneys have contested and attempted to conceal.

Even while the court made many papers available, some are still under seal, including records listing the identities of minor witnesses and transit orders that will continue to be classified due to security concerns.

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