Tim Tebow Net Worth: How Rich Is The Footballer?

American football player, author, businessman, and media star Tim Tebow is from the United States. Tim Tebow was a quarterback for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets for three seasons in the National Football League (NFL). Tim Tebow makes millions of dollars from his salary from ESPN and royalties from his books. This makes him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world.

What Is Tim Tebow’s Net Worth?

Tim Tebow is a former quarterback for the NFL in the United States. He has a net worth of $5 million. Tim Tebow had a great college career at the University of Florida. However, he only played in the NFL for three years, two with the Denver Broncos and one with the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow Net Worth
Tim Tebow Net Worth

Tim made just under $10 million in total during his time in the NFL. Tim made $4.1 million while he was with the Eagles. He made a total of eight passes as an Eagle. In other words, PER PASS, he made $512,500.

Where Is Tim Tebow From?

Tim Tebow was born in Makati, Philippines, on August 14, 1987. His parents were Baptist missionaries who moved to the Philippines to start their own ministry. When Tim was three years old, the family moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He is the youngest of five kids, and all of them went to school at home. Even though he wasn’t a student there, he was allowed to play on the Trinity Christian Academy football team. He later switched to Nease High School. He was named Player of the Year in Florida and led his team to a state championship.

ESPN Hired Tim Tebow on December 30, 2013

He went to college at the University of Florida, where he played football for their team and won the Heisman Trophy in 2007. He also played on teams that won the BCS National Championship in 2006 and 2008. The Denver Broncos picked Tebow in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2010. As a member of the Denver Broncos, he started the last three games of his rookie season. Starting with the sixth game of 2011, he was the team’s full-time starting quarterback. Before he became the starter, the Broncos were 1-4, but when he was on the field, they started to win, often coming from behind late in the fourth quarter. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime to win their first AFC West title and first playoff game since 2005. After the Broncos signed Peyton Manning as a free agent quarterback, they traded Tebow to the New York Jets. Tebow didn’t play much for the Jets, and after drafting quarterback Geno Smith on April 29, 2013, the Jets let Tebow go. He signed a non-guaranteed two-year deal with New England on June 11, 2013. On August 31, 2013, he was cut from the team.

During his time with the Broncos, Tebow was known for showing his faith in God in public by dropping to one knee in a pose that looked a lot like Auguste Rodin’s bronze sculpture “The Thinker” after scoring or making a great play. The genuflecting move became known as “Tebowing,” and people all over the country started doing it. The phrase came from a fan named Jared Kleinstein, who posted a picture of himself and all of his friends making the same pose on Facebook. Kleinstein then made a website where people from around the world could send photos of themselves Tebowing. After only two months, the site had 20,000 posts and 20 million page views. Tebow legally claimed the name as his own.

ESPN hired him on December 30, 2013, to talk about college football. ESPN hired him on December 30, 2013, to talk about college football.

Career In Baseball

Early in August 2016, Tebow said he wanted to be a professional baseball player and invited all 30 Major League teams to an open tryout at the end of the month. Since his junior year of high school, when he made all-state, he had not played baseball full-time. Forty Major League Baseball scouts were there, and he later played in the Mets Instructional League. On the first pitch, he hit a home run. The Scottsdale Scorpions were given Tebow. In 2018, the Mets invited him to their big league camp and moved him up to their Double-A team. He was then sent to the Syracuse Mets of the International League Class AAA. Tebow hit three home runs over the course of six games, but he had to miss the rest of the 2019 season because of an injury to his pinky finger. Tebow said in February 2020 that he would play baseball for the Philippines national team after being asked to do so.


Tim Tebow’s career looks good because he is great with the media and knows how to build a brand. It is thought that Tim Tebow’s net worth will grow by 240% over the next few years. Want to know More About Tim Tebow? Drop your queries in our comment section.