Will The Watcher Return For Season 2 On Netflix?

“The Watcher” is more than just a hit for the audience. It has developed into a thrilling journey and fans are now eagerly waiting for “The Watcher Season 2”. As a matter of fact, the horrifying series have surpassed “Dahmer” to become the most-watched show that Netflix has dropped in the United States. The story follows the lives of homeowners who are continuously haunted by a letter writer who threatens them. Ryan Murphy and Ian Brenna actually took inspiration for this story from Connecticut’s real-life stalking case when a couple moved into their dream home but little did they know that it will become a nightmare for them. 

With so much buzz surrounding the first season of the series, fans are now looking forward to “The Watcher Season 2”. So, will there be “The Watcher Season 2” or was the first season the first and last part of the series? We are unveiling all the details that you need to know.

Will There Be “The Watcher Season 2”?

“The Watcher Season 2” is highly the topic of discussion amongst the fans. As of now, the series didn’t get any renewal or green single for season 2 but we also need to understand that it is not even a month since “The Watcher” released. And Netflix does take more than a month to announce the potential of a new season for any series. So, maybe, Netflix and the creators are now analyzing the performance to make a decision about its renewal. 

The Watcher Season 2
The Watcher Season 2

However, there is one major debate surrounding the renewal of “The Watcher”. Well, “The Watcher” has been released as a miniseries. This means the series usually get one season and have limited episodes to deliver the entire concept of the show. But then again, there have been exceptions. If you take HBO’s hit “Big Little Lies” into consideration, it started as a miniseries but soon expanded into the second season. So, chances of “The Watcher Season 2” are there if the creators and Netflix are ready to take this exceptional decision. 

Moreover, fans all over social media are demanding “The Watcher Season 2”. 

One fan wrote,  “Surely there’ll be Season 2 of The Watcher, because what was that?”

Another fan added, “The Watcher done stressed me out!” “I need Season 2 now.”

A highly interested Twitter user stated, “It left me wanting more. Hoping for a Season 2,” “Mia Farrow in pigtails could be her own spinoff. The foundation was set, [and] now Ryan Murphy can go in any direction with it that he wants.”

So, who knows, the craze of the fans may lead to the release of “The Watcher Season 2”.

What Is The Tentative Release Date of “The Watcher Season 2”?

If “The Watcher Season 2” is on the cards, then obviously you are in luck. But when will it be released if the showrunners get the approval? As a matter of fact, Netflix actually got the rights to the 657 story in 2018, and the decision to make the series was dropped in the summer of 2021. The series was speculated to be filmed from September 2021 to March 2022. So, it will take around 9 months to a year to get the production wrapped up. Thus, if “The Watcher Season 2” is released, then you can expect it to drop in 2023 or 2024.

The Watcher Season 2

What will be the Plot of “The Watcher Season 2”?

Before you proceed, let us warn you that there are spoilers ahead. As we have all seen, “The Watcher Season 1” concluded mysteriously after Nora played by Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale’s character Dean evolved into becoming watchers themselves. So, upon renewal of “The Watcher Season 2”, we will get to learn more about the cliffhanger ending. A new family moved in and what will happen to them? Will Nora and Dean become the watchers that they were afraid of? Furthermore, hopefully, we will get to finally know who was the real watcher in season 1. So, a lot of mysteries will be uncovered if Netflix decides to make “The Watcher Season 2”. In fact, fans are even waiting to see all of these answers.

“The Watcher Season 2” is one of the most-anticipated shows in the history of the series. On Friday 14th October 2022, Deadline announced it as the No.1 show on Netflix. Though it didn’t overtake “Stranger Things” this was a new record in real-life horror crime. Ryan Murphy’s production has executed the series to perfection. So, with the hope of getting “The Watcher Season 2”, let’s pray that Netflix grants all of our wishes.

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