The S*x Lives of College Girls: Pauline Chalamet Discusses Awkward Sex Scenes

Pauline Chalamet talks about some awkward parts of filming a s*x scene. The 30-year-old star of S*x Lives of College Girls talked to Variety about automated dialogue replacement (ADR) for her second season on the HBO Max comedy series. She said putting such personal moments on screen was “the worst.”

“When you’re in ADR and watching the scene, it’s the worst when they tell you, “We need a bit more moaning.” You’re in that spot, “she said, then made a funny moaning sound. “And they say, “Okay. Do some more while keeping your mouth open.’ That is the worst thing ever.”

The Sex Lives of College Girl
The Sex Lives of College Girl

She said recording s*x sounds is “much stranger” than filming s*x scenes. She also said that she has made up lines like “Wowee zowee!” during ADR, which is the process of re-recording dialogue in post-production.

Chalamet plays Kimberly, an Essex College in Vermont student, in the movie S*x Lives of College Girls. In season 2, she falls in love with Jackson, a climate refugee from Kansas played by Mitchell Slaggert.

The actress is the older sister of Timothée Chalamet. She has said that her brother, their parents, and all of the show’s scenes, even the risqué ones, have all seen it.

Last month, she told E! News, “My brother loves it.”

Pauline continued, “You’ll have to ask him about the story because I think he saw it with one of my parents.” “Well, that’s it.”

When asked if she had seen the show with her parents, Pauline said, “No, my parents don’t watch this with me. Are you kidding?”

How To Watch The S*x Lives of College Girls season 2?

New episodes of The S*x Lives of College Girls season 2 will air on HBO Max every Thursday, starting with two new episodes on November 17.

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Currently, you can watch “S*x Life – Season 2” streaming on Epix Roku Premium Channel.

How many episodes are in the s*x lives of college girls in Season 2?

There are 6 episodes of s*x lives of college girls in Season 2.