The Owners Release Date, Characters Information, Storyline And More Updates!

The Owners is a 2020 horror-thriller film based on the graphic novel Une nuit de pleine lune by Hermann and Yves H., which will be released in 2020. A storyline by Mathieu Gompel, Julius Berg, and Geoff Cox is behind the film, which stars Maisie Williams, Sylvester McCoy, Rita Tushingham, and Jake Curran and Ian Kenny, among others.

The Owners will be released in the United States on September 4, 2020, by RLJE Films.

Release Date Of The Owners 

In April 2020, RLJE Films acquired the rights to distribute the film in the United States. It was made available to the general public in the United States on September 4, 2020, according to the company.

The Owners

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Storyline Of The Owners 

Gaz, Nathan, and Terry have chosen to break into Dr. Richard Huggins’ house despite the fact that he and his wife Ellen live in the country. They believe that the property contains a large safe that contains a large amount of cash. Not being able to deal with Nathan’s girlfriend Mary, who shows up to take up her car so that she can make it to work on time, is somewhat of a hassle. After a long period of time in which the boys are unable to open the safe, she is finally allowed to enter the residence.

Once they’ve entered the house, she reveals that she’s pregnant with their child. They bind the Hugginses and use intimidation to force them to open the safe when they return. Nathan is hesitant to participate in the theft after realising that Richard remembers him and Terry from their early years. In an attempt to regain control, Gaz stabs Nathan in the back with a knife. Mary kills him with a sledgehammer before he can do any more damage to Ellen. He then attempts to cause harm to Ellen. The couple’s ties are being severed, and Ellen appears to recognise Mary at some point throughout the procedure.

Terry and Mary were duped by Richard, who pretended to call for an ambulance while also offered to conduct surgery on Nathan in order to capture their attention and gain their trust. Mary’s twin sister, Jane, has gone missing for several months, and it is presumed that she has escaped from the family home. Ellen then offers Terry a medication that causes him to see Mary’s twin sister, Jane.

Mary believes that they have been duped in some way. When Richard attempts to persuade Terry to join him for a cup of tea, the two share their grief over the death of their daughter, Kate, as well as the disappearances of other adolescent females in the surrounding area. Following Mary’s realisation that they are a threat, she makes an unsuccessful attempt to run. When they get at the garage, Terry shoots them in the back of the head.

As Mary bleeds out, Richard teases her about her approaching death, despite the fact that she and his wife were spared by Gaz because to her actions. As part of this, he informs her that he and his wife had abducted and imprisoned several young women in their safe, which is actually a vault, where they would disguise them as small children and refer to them as “Kate.” Girls who didn’t exercise, it is believed, were murdered and disposed of in a landfill.

Having said that, the most recent victim of their kidnapping does appear to fit the description. When Richard is eventually able to access the vault, he discovers Jane, Mary’s older sister, who has been hiding inside all along. When Mary’s blood supply finally runs out, she sees one more vision of her long-lost sister in shackles before she passes out from the effects of the drugs. Because of their cooperation, Terry and Jane have been imprisoned in the vault as a token of gratitude from the Huggins family.

Finally, Terry’s mother confronts the Huggins family about her son’s kidnapping, entirely unaware of their complicity and the presence of Mary’s recently buried corpse in the garden, as well as Gaz and Nathan, in the background.

Cast Of The Owners 

  • Maisie Williams as Mary / Jane Vorrel
  • Sylvester McCoy as Dr. Richard Huggins
  • Rita Tushingham as Ellen Huggins
  • Jake Curran as Gaz
  • Ian Kenny as Nathan
  • Andrew Ellis as Terry
  • Stacha Hicks as Jean

Trailer Of The Owners 

End lines

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