Tara Lipinski Net Worth: How Rich Is The Olympic Gold Medalist?

This page has information about Tara Lipinski net worth, biography, age, husband, height, weight, and much more. Tara Lipinski used to be a figure skater, an actress, a commentator, and a producer. In America, Tara Lipinski is a very well-known name. She is one of the most successful women in the world, and her career has brought her a lot of recognition and success.

Tara Lipinski is known as a former American figure skater who had a lot of success during her career. During her skating career, she has won a lot of awards and praise. Tara won the gold medal in figure skating at the 1998 Olympics. This was a big deal. Later, she participated in the Champions Series, the World Cup, and other tournaments and championships.

Tara Lipinski is an actress, a sports commentator, and a film producer. She only makes documentaries, though. In 1998, Tara stopped playing in any tournaments. Later, she started working as a sports commentator for NBC’s program and the Olympics.

Tara Lipinski Net Worth

American figure skater and commentator Tara Lipinski has a net worth of $25 million. During her professional career, Tara Lipinski won every race she entered.

Tara Lipinski Net Worth
Tara Lipinski Net Worth

She is the 1998 Olympic champion, the 1997 World champion, a two-time winner of the Champions Series Final, and the 1997 U.S. national champion. Tara Lipinski was the youngest skater to win a U.S. Nationals until 2019.

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Tara Lipinski’s Early Years

She was born on June 10, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jack Lipinski, Tara’s dad, made much money as the CEO of the multi-billion-dollar oil company CVR Energy. Jack worked for the company for 16 years; for 12 of those, he was the CEO.

Lipinski was only two years old when she stood on a Tupperware container and pretended to be a gold medalist while watching the 1984 Summer Olympics. Lipinski grew up in New Jersey. Before she started kindergarten, she was already roller skating. She started competing a few years later, and at the United States Roller Skating Championships in 1991, she won the primary girls’ freestyle event. She switched to figure skating at nine and took lessons at the University of Delaware. After her father got a raise at work in 1991, the family moved to Texas. Two years later, Lipinski and her mother moved back to the East Coast so that she could continue training. Her father stayed in Texas to keep the family’s finances in order. A year later, Lipinski and her mother moved to Bloomfield, Michigan, to train with Richard Callaghan at the Detroit Skating Club.

Tara Lipinski’s Career

From 1994 to 1995, she won a lot of medals at figure skating competitions, and she was often the youngest skater ever to do so. With the help of the famous trainer Callaghan, she became an even bigger force on the ice. In 1997, at 14, she became the youngest to win the U.S. and World Championships. She also won the U.S. Nationals tidal with her signature triple loop-triple loop combo. During the 1996-1997 season, she won the gold medal at the Champion Series final by beating Michelle Kwan, who would go on to be an Olympian.

By the time the 1997-1998 season started, Lipinski had grown two inches and turned 15. Marina Sheffer, her Russian ballet teacher, pushed her to choose music from movies for her short program and her free skate. At this time, the American press was making a big deal out of the fight between Kwan and Lipinski. Kwan beat Lipinski at the Skate America competition for the first time in three competitions. Kwan went on to win the gold medal, while Lipinski came in second. Kwan won the 1998 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, while Lipinski came in second. This was because she fell during her short program while trying to do a triple flip. Lipinski and Kwan were favorites to win the gold medal when they went to the Olympics.

Kwan won the short program at the Olympics in Nagano, Japan, and Lipinski came in second. Lipinski did seven triple jumps, her signature triple loop-triple loop, and a triple toe-half loop-triple Salchow with a clean landing during her long program. Lipinski got scores of 5.8 and 5.9, which gave her the gold medal. She is the youngest figure skater to win an Olympic gold medal and the sixth American woman to do so.

Lipinski turned pro almost right after her big win. She had to drop out of the 1998 World Figure Skating Championship because she had an infection that always made her tired. She surprised everyone by saying on “Today” that she was going pro, which meant she could no longer compete in the Olympics. She said she wanted to get her family back together because she had a competitive job and wanted to attend college. Lipinski got a lot of flak from the skating world when she decided to stop competing. People said she had “taken the easy way out.” She was told to have been treated unfairly by everyone in figure skating after she made her decision.

Lipinski made a deal with CBS to act and skate in shows and competitions that are not officially sanctioned. She skated in more than 300 live shows and was on “Ice Wars” on CBS. “Tara Lipinski: From This Moment On” was a two-hour special she made and starred in. Lipinski joined “Stars on Ice” and went on tour to more than 90 cities in the U.S. She was on “Stars on Ice” for a second season in 1999. She also appeared on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless” and shows for the Fox Family Network and Nickelodeon. Later that year, Lipinski became the youngest skater to win the World Professional Figure Skating Championships. She did a triple flip, a triple toe loop, and a triple salchow in her free skating program. At 18, she had surgery on her hip to fix a torn labrum that had been misdiagnosed and caused a lot of joint pain. She toured 61 U.S. cities with “Stars on Ice” in 2002 when she stopped skating for good.

She is now a commentator for Universal Sports and works with several charities. Tara and Johnny Weir, also an Olympian, were the main commentators for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang. The two work as “fashion and lifestyle experts” at the Kentucky Derby yearly and as “cultural correspondents” at the summer Olympics.

Personal Life And Real Estate

In 2015, Tara got engaged to Todd Kapostasy, who makes TV shows. In June 2017, they got married in Charleston, South Carolina. Their oceanfront home in Kiawah, South Carolina, is worth about $11 million, according to estimates. Tara also owns a $2.85 million home in Santa Monica, California, which she bought in 2005. The home is now estimated to be worth $5 million.

Tara closed on a house in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles in June 2021. The price to buy was $8,400,000.


Tara Lipinski is a phenomenon. Lipinski has lived the life she always wanted as a child. She has always wanted to get a gold medal at the Olympics. She has wanted to do that since she was 2 years old.

Tara Lipinski is an example for many young people and people with big dreams who want to do something. She never stopped working, and after she stopped skating, she went into TV and became famous worldwide.

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What is Tara Lipinski’s age?

Tara Lipinski is 39 years old (June 10, 1982).

How much does Tara Lipinski make?

It is thought that Tara Lipinski makes more than $2 million annually.

What is Tara Lipinski’s height?

1.57 m is how tall Tara Lipinski is.

What is Tara Lipinski’s husband’s name?

Todd Kapostasy and Tara Lipinski have been married since 2017.