Who Is Sofia Coppola Husband? How She Met Her?

Director Sofia Coppola is relatively private regarding her family, but her teenage daughter blew their home life wide open in a wild TikTok video. 

Who Is Sofia Coppola’s Husband?

Sofia Coppola has been married to Thomas Mars for nearly 12 years, but she has kept their relationship private, so you may not know much about him.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, 51, and the 46-year-old French musician have been married since August 2011 and have two children.

Sofia Coppola Husband

Thomas Croquet, whose real surname is Croquet, is the frontman of the Grammy-winning band Phoenix, and one of the band’s songs was featured on the soundtrack of Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation.

He also appears uncredited in her 1999 film The Virgin Suicides.

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Who Are Sofia Coppola’s Children?

She and Thomas share two daughters, Romy Mars, born in 2006, and Cosima Mars, who came along in 2010.

Romy made headlines in March 2023 when she shared a since-deleted TikTok video in which she revealed she had been grounded for a very nepo-baby reason.

“Make a vodka sauce pasta with me because I’m grounded,” she said from the family kitchen before explaining, “I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad’s credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend.”

“Also, I thought I would do this since I’m already grounded because my parents’ most significant rule is like, I’m not allowed to have any public social media accounts.

“Here’s why,” Romy explained as she picked up a Grammy Award and proudly displayed it to her fans.

After admitting she didn’t know the difference between garlic and onions and had to look it up on Google, Romy said, “They don’t want me to be a nepotism kid, but TikTok is not gonna make me famous, so it doesn’t matter,” about her parents.

The adolescent then swung the camera around to show her babysitter’s boyfriend petting a dog. “My parents are never at home, so these are my substitute parents,” Romy explained.

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