New Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top Ten

I Time, a new comedy starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, has been on the top ten rating list on Netflix for approximately the past week. Since the beginning of it, I have spent my time. It was a remarkable run for the film as it remained at the top spot in the daily ratings on Netflix. However, the movie’s reign at the top of the box office ended this past weekend thanks to the release of a new original film that was likewise comedic.

In the Villa, there was love between Kat Graham and Tom Hooper, who played Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hooper star in this romantic comedy. The plot follows the adventures of two strangers who find themselves staying in the same Italian Villa at the same time after their reservations were made in error. Netflix has a strong track record of success with romantic comedies, particularly those initially produced for broadcast. There is no exception made for love in the Villa.

Love in the Villa will replace I Time as the number one movie on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies List when it is released on Sunday. Time will fall to the overall position of second place. You’ll find a complete rundown of Sunday’s Top 10 on Netflix further down on this page.

1. Love in the Villa

Love in the Villa (2022) tells the story of an elementary school teacher named Julie, played by Kat Graham. Julie is a perfectionist, an achiever and a hopeless romantic at heart who is fascinated with the narrative of Romeo and Juliet. She makes meticulous preparations for the vacation of a lifetime that she will take with her boyfriend of four years, Brandon (Raymond Ablack), to a romantic villa in the picturesque city of Verona.

Her plans include making reservations to participate in themed tours while staying in La Villa Romantica, which overlooks the balcony setting for the famous scene in Shakespeare’s tragic play. She even laminates her itinerary and sets out a fraction of their vacation time for “spontaneity.” She plans everything down to the smallest detail. However, once Brandon changes his mind about dating her and abruptly ends the relationship, she decides to go on a journey by herself rather than wallow in self-pity in Minneapolis.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix's Top
Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

2. Me time

When a stay-at-home parent finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are gone, he decides to reconnect with his old best buddy for a crazy weekend that nearly causes him to reevaluate his entire existence.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

3. I Came By

Toby, portrayed by George Mackay in the film I Came By, is a troubled young British graffiti artist who, in the spirit of a fictitious Banksy, achieves notoriety by vandalizing the homes of extremely wealthy people with an illegal artistic mural that reads “I Came By.” He does this by breaking into the homes and spray-painting the words “I Came By” across the luxurious walls.

While donning a hoodie and remaining completely anonymous, he becomes something of a folk hero. Yet, not only is he wanted by the government but also by the wealthy and influential people whose homes he vandalizes.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

No one is aware of his true identity except another graffiti artist named Jay (Percelle Ascott), who frequently collaborates with Toby in attacking expensive properties. On the other hand, Jay begins to have second thoughts about what they are doing, and when his girlfriend informs him that she is pregnant, Jay withdraws from their activities, leaving Toby to carry on the campaign himself.

Toby’s first assignment working for himself goes wrong when after breaking into the home of famous former High Court judge Sir Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville), he discovers a stunning fact that puts him in severe danger in the long run. This puts Toby in a position where he may not survive.

4. This Is 40

Pete and Debbie are about to reach 40, their children despise one another, their businesses are failing, they are losing their property and their relationship is teetering on the brink of irreparable damage.

Debbie is reaching forty as the movie begins but pretends to everyone that she is much younger. Pete leads a retro-minded indie music label under tremendous financial hardship just as they are trying to launch a new album by Graham Parker. She manages a small boutique clothing company that is breaking even financially and he contains a label that produces retro-minded indie music.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

Pete’s father, Larry (Albert Brooks), who has toddler triplets due to a highly successful in vitro fertilization operation with his younger second wife, is constantly harassing his son for cash which adds to the family’s financial woes. Debbie has daddy issues as well. Even though they sometimes visit one other for lunch after not communicating with one another for a considerable amount of time, it appears as though her father, played by John Lithgow, does not desire any part in his daughter’s life.

He is an emotionally distant and highly successful surgeon. All of these people, along with Debbie’s trainer, Pete’s staff, and salesgirls from Debbie’s shop, show up at the couple’s lovely home for a birthday party which is when all of the wounds in the family are exposed.

5. Collateral

After working as a cab driver for the past 12 years, Max (Jamie Foxx) has become bored with his existence. People and places he hadn’t thought about in a long time are flashing in and out of his rearview mirror, but he can’t forget tonight. Vincent, played by Tom Cruise, is a professional assassin.

When an international drug trafficking organization discovers that it is likely to be indicted by a federal grand jury, it immediately launches a plan to locate and eliminate the most important witnesses. The operation’s last stage will take place tonight. This evening, Vincent arrived in Los Angeles and there should be a total of five bodies falling.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

As a result of the events that led to Vincent stealing Max’s taxicab, Max became collateral damage. He was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. Throughout the night, Vincent makes Max drive him to each predetermined location. And as the LAPD and FBI race to catch up with them, Max and Vincent find that their survival is increasingly dependent on each other in ways neither of them could have envisioned.

6. Snow White and the Huntsman

Once upon a time, King Magnus and his Queen were blessed with a lovely child named Snow White, brought up alongside her lifelong companion William. The passing of the Queen deeply saddens the King, but he is forced to move on with his life since an evil invading army must be defeated. He frees a stunning prisoner named Ravenna the very next day.

He weds her. Ravenna kills King Magnus by stabbing him in the chest on the night of his wedding, and then she leads the opposing army led by her brother Finn to victory over the King’s army. During the time that William, his father, The Duke and a few other survivors are making their escape from the castle, Ravenna locks Snow White up in the Northern Tower of the court.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

After many years, the kingdom has been entirely exhausted, and Queen Ravenna, a wicked witch, maintains her youth and beauty by sucking the youth and beauty of young women. As soon as she learns through the Magic Mirror that Snow White is the key to her eternal life, she sends Finn off to find the princess and bring her to her.

Nevertheless, Snow White manages to escape and run into the forest. Queen Ravenna summons a huntsman who profoundly misses his wife and makes a conditional offer to restore the huntsman’s wife to live on the condition that he captures Snow White and brings her to her. But when he finally captures Snow White, he finds out that the wicked Queen has lied to him and decides to become Snow White’s guardian.

In the meantime, William finds out that Snow White is still alive and follows Finn and his soldiers to meet up with her. Snow White and the Huntsman are introduced to the eight dwarfs responsible for transporting them to the enchanted Fairytale Land. When Finn and his men ambush them, William also finds them and the gang decides to proceed to the Duke’s castle to mount an uprising against the villainous Ravenna.

7. Sing 2

Buster Moon’s new theatre thrives after the first film with Johnny, Meena, Rosita and Gunter as cast and crew while Ash performs solo. Talent scout Suki warns him he won’t succeed in Redshore City, the world’s entertainment center. Nana Noodleman encourages Buster to gather his gang and visit the city.

They’re refused admittance but sneak in to audition for Jimmy Crystal. Gunter offers a space-themed sci-fi musical including songs by Clay Calloway, a legendary rock artist who hasn’t been seen in 15 years. Jimmy greenlights the show, presuming Clay will be involved and tells them to launch in three weeks.

Rosita fears heights during rehearsal and can’t keep her role so Buster offers it to Jimmy’s daughter Porsha and relegates Rosita to a secondary position. Johnny is sent to work with top choreographer Klaus Kickenklober, but Klaus dislikes him because he can’t dance. Later, Johnny meets Nooshy, a street dancer who helps him. Meena has a love scene with self-absorbed actor Darius. Meena has never been in love. Therefore, she struggles during their set. She falls for ice cream vendor Alfonso.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

Ash and Buster visit Clay Calloway to recruit him. Ash initially rejects but then agrees. Buster begs Porsha to trade parts with Rosita because she’s a lousy actress. Porsha thinks Buster fired her and runs away. Jimmy scolds a tearful Porsha and nearly drops Buster off his rooftop roof before locking him in a closet. Suki frees Buster and tells him to leave Redshore City before Jimmy kills him. Ash arrives with the team and Clay, who tells Buster not to hide after Ruby dies.

After Jimmy insults him and his buddies on live TV, Buster resolves to put on the show behind Jimmy’s back that night. Porsha returns and Johnny contacts his dad and his gang to assist keep Jimmy and his goons at bay. During the show, a jealous Klaus replaces Johnny’s performance partner to undercut his number. Johnny defeats Klaus with help from Nooshy and the other dancers, earning Klaus’ respect. Porsha sings and dances to confront her angry father.

Meena imagines Darius as Alfonso and sings with him. Jimmy drops Buster down a catwalk to interrupt the show, forcing Rosita to overcome her phobia of heights to save him. Clay believes he’s not ready to go onstage. Ash sings one of Clay’s songs to boost his confidence. Jimmy tries to claim credit for the program but gets arrested for attempting to kill Buster. Suki tells Buster and his friends that a famous theatre wants to put on their show the following day. Buster watches the cast’s first performance from VIP.

8. Loving Adults

This psychological thriller is dramatic. Initial appearances are deceiving. Dar Salim and Sonja Richter’s Christian and Leonora seem perfect. Their future looks bright with their wonderful marriage, beautiful life and newly healthy son. Leonora takes significant measures to keep her husband from leaving her after discovering his infidelity.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

9. The Poison Rose

The 1978 narrative centered on LA PI Carson Phillips. Barbara Poole, a mental hospital patient in his homeland of Texas, has been incommunicado for some time worrying about her L.A.-based niece.

When he arrives at the sanatorium, the staff seems concerned. Dr. Miles evades him for days. Carson misses Mrs. Poole. His ex, Jayne and their daughter, Becky, visit. Happy is Becky’s husband. The cops accuse Becky when Happy dies during a game. Carson helps Jayne.

Happy mistreated Becky, but the cops wouldn’t arrest him because he was the quarterback. Dr. Miles killed unsupported patients, including Barbara Poole and collected their social security. A patient shoots Dr. Miles after Carson reveals the truth.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

Carson reconciles with Jayne and finds cancer medicines. Happy’s blood contained this chemical. He accuses her of “doing anything to protect Happily” and learns she poisoned him. Becky questions her about it. Jayne initially denies everything but later says she feared Happy would kill Becky and no one would be there to defend her. Becky apologizes. Carson says he’s heading home, then learns he’s already there, meaning he stays with his ex and daughter instead of returning to L.A.

10. That’s Amor

Sofia sought assistance from her partner Richard after a professional setback. She found him with another lady. Sofia cried. He had one hour to escape. She tripped over the stairs and hurt her ankle. She visited her mum in town. She wanted unconditional affection after a day of rejection. Lainie encouraged her daughter to try new things. She asked her to go to Zumba class, even if she had to watch. She asked Sofia to join the couple’s Spanish cookery class on their way out. Sofia didn’t have a class companion, but her mother offered to be hers. Sofia rejected her mother’s request to take a class with other couples.

Romantic Comedy Hits Netflix’s Top

Lainie drove her to class, where she met Matias. The young Spanish man who helped Sofia was one of the class’s chefs. Matias’ uncle ran the workshop. His restaurant job brought him from Madrid. Sofia’s mother liked the young man, but she ignored her advice. She said she’d recently had her heart broken and dating a flirty Spaniard would make it worse—first-day Spanish omelets. Sofia didn’t initially appreciate how essential elements might generate magic, but she did eventually. Matias taught her the joys of cooking.

Sofia couldn’t stop thinking about omelets after class. She looked up graphic design master’s degree courses in addition to cookery classes. After years, she started drawing more. Sofia needed that push to figure out her life and take risks.

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