Romanian Police Seized 11 Luxury Cars From Andrew Tate, Report Says

Officials in Romania took 11 cars from Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan after they were arrested there. After they were arrested on December 29 on charges of human trafficking and using women to make porn, their cars were taken away. Ramona Bolla, a representative for Romania’s DIICOT investigations agency, told Insider on Wednesday that the cars had been taken.

She said that they were being held to “sustain the cost of the investigation” into Tate and that they would also be used as collateral for any payments to their alleged victims.

Bolla couldn’t say right away what brands and models of cars they were. But the Romanian news site Gandul posted photos that it said were of the cars that had been taken.

Romanian police seized 11 luxury cars from Andrew Tate
Romanian police seized 11 luxury cars from Andrew Tate

They included an Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate and a Rolls-Royce Wraith from the company’s Black Badge line. says that a Wraith costs at least $300,000 and that a Vanquish S costs about $250,000.

Related Update

Tate seems to have bought his Rolls-Royce on a whim while he was walking around London a few months ago.

Bolla said that DIICOT was trying to find out if the Tates bought the cars with money from trafficking people.

Tate, who used to be a professional kickboxer but now runs a business, was arrested on December 29 along with his brother and two women.

Tate became well-known online by posting things that showed off his apparent wealth and enjoyed being sexist. In one very well-known video, he said that if a woman is raped, she should “bear responsibility.”

Six women were allegedly forced to make porn for Tate’s online business as part of the trafficking scheme, which is one of the accusations. A press release from DIICOT says that at least one of them was raped.

Tate and the others were held for 24 hours at first, but a Romanian court decided that they should be held for 30 days instead. Tate hasn’t said anything about the accusations in public yet, except to call the investigation a plot. Friday, he sent out a tweet that said, “The Matrix sent their agents.”

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