Rockstar Games GTA 6 Release Date Remains A Mystery Amidst Enthusiastic Online Speculation!

In February of last year, Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 was in development. “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway,” read a single line at the bottom of a GTA 5 Community Update. Talk about minimizing it, huh? However, Rockstar hasn’t released much else since then officially.

However, an unusual GTA 6 leak caused over 90 videos and screenshots from the game’s early alpha build to go online. Rockstar acknowledged and verified the hack, and the company is attempting to remove the exposed information from the internet. Naturally, this first peek at Grand Theft Auto 6 has uncovered some fresh facts about the game, such as specifics about the setting, characters, and gameplay. So read on to learn everything there is to know about GTA 6 thus far.

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Release Date

Rockstar Games has not yet announced the GTA 6 release date. That hasn’t stopped online sleuths from speculating in some instances. Several sources have confirmed a rumor that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in 2025. This information was part of a more significant leak claiming GTA 6 would be set in a contemporary Vice City. It’s always a good idea to proceed with caution when making predictions of this nature, but given that the most recent GTA 6 leaks seem to indicate a modernized Vice City setting, a release somewhere in 2025 may be on the money.

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Release Date

However, some reports are suggesting that GTA 6 may debut in 2024. The recent statement from Microsoft to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) inquiry into its ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard supported this. Microsoft stated: “The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024.” The release of GTA 6 may be closer than we think.

Rockstar Games confirms GTA 6’s existence in a community update via its newswire shared on Twitter:-

GTA 6 Leaks

Thanks to enormous leaks, people worldwide have seen many of GTA 6’s early development videos. The video appeared to confirm the new female protagonist and display some open-world gameplay before it was taken down.

In a statement, Rockstar confirmed the validity of the leaks and added that it is “extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way.” Despite the leak, though, Rockstar claims that its “work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned.”

Fortunately, GTA 6 has not been delayed by disclosing private Rockstar knowledge. Rockstar will “properly introduce” us to the game “when it is ready,” and the game should still debut as scheduled.

GTA 6 Map Leak Points To Multiple Expansions

According to the most recent Grand Theft Auto VI rumors, the vast game globe may have several expansions in addition to being a universe that is continually changing.

“GTA VI will reportedly feature an ever-evolving map as Rockstar plans to update the game over time, adding new cities on a regular basis with Vice City being the main setting,” tweeted GTAVInewz.

In addition to Vice City, the supposed map posted in the tweet included Los Santos, Liberty City, Redwood County, Carcer City (the setting for Manhunt), and many more places.

Of course, it’s essential to remember that the picture can be a mock-up and have no relation to the GTA VI map when the game is released. If this map is accurate, it’s possibly also essential to remember that we are unsure whether its dynamic nature will be connected to a single-player campaign or a new version of GTA Online. Time will only tell.

We also noted some of the other games that will be released, which you can see here:

GTA 6 Gameplay

In the disclosures of GTA 6 gameplay, there are a few differences from GTA 5. We observe Lucia, presumably under the player’s control, holding up a diner and firing the hostages in the back as they attempt to flee. We also observe Jason and Lucia evading the police by stealing a car and motoring around the neighborhood. Additionally, Jason leans out of a moving vehicle while firing an assault rifle.

Driveable vehicles include automobiles, boats, and the Metro, transporting players throughout the city. In addition, the cars appear to enable players to adjust the steering wheel’s position, chair angle, and other controls.

Test footage reveals additional movement mechanics, such as a cover system, crouching, and tunneling. The playable character can also use their hands or weapon to shield their face from projectiles. At one point in the footage, Jason can be seen in a convenience store utilizing his enhanced vision. It appears to function similarly to Deadeye in Red Dead Redemption, but we currently only observe it adjusting the hue of the footage.

The preceding is a summary of GTA 6 release date rumors and speculation. The official announcement of the sequel to one of the greatest PC games is still months away. Enjoy our list of the best sandbox PC games in the interim if you want to scratch that open-world itch differently.

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