Robyn Griggs, Soap Star And Film Actress, Dead At 49 (Latest Updates)

Robyn Griggs died at the age of 49. She was best known for her roles in the soap operas “Another World” and “One Life To Live.”

The sad news was shared on the star’s official Facebook page in a statement on Saturday afternoon. “Hello everybody, “It breaks my heart to tell you that Robyn  Griggs has died,” the post began.

“But she is no longer in pain, and she would want us to remember that and the good times we had with her.

Robyn Griggs
Robyn Griggs

I’ll never forget how willing she was to tell her story and how okay she was with me helping her. She wanted to help people, so she told people about her story. I was happy to help. “Rest in peace, my friend. I’ll miss you and think of you with a smile.”

Robyn Griggs, who married golf pro-Mark Wiley in 2013, was very honest with her friends and fans about her health problems. In 2020, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, and just last month, she said she had four new tumors.

“I have four new growths. “I have two new tumors on my liver: one on an abdominal muscle and a big one on a lymph node on the right side,” Griggs wrote on her account on July 7. “I’m in so much pain, and I have chemo on Monday. I told them to do what it takes. “I’m ready to fight.”

Robyn Griggs, Soap Star And Film Actress, Dead At 49

‘The account also says that the actress moved into hospice care on August 11, just two days before she died.

“She has fought with a level of determination, strength, and grace that is truly inspiring. Please continue to think about and pray for Robyn  Griggs and her family during this hard time.”

Robyn Griggs played Stephanie Hobart in a total of six episodes of “One Life to Live” in 1991. She then played Maggie Cory for two years on “Another World.”

She went on to be in movies like “Severe Injuries” in 2003 and “Hellweek” in 2010.

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