Prosecutors Seek December Trial Delay for Trump’s Classified Documents

Prosecutors from special counsel Jack Smith’s office have requested that former President Donald Trump’s criminal prosecution for the alleged mishandling of sensitive documents be postponed until December.

Judge Aileen Cannon set the trial date on Aug. 14 and projected that the proceedings would last two weeks. However, prosecutors stated that additional time is required before the trial can begin and requested that it be postponed until December 11.

If the date is confirmed and not postponed further, Trump, who is seeking re-election, may face the jury in December and voters in January. While no formal date for the Iowa caucuses has been determined, the first primary contest is scheduled for mid-January.

In a second case, Trump is scheduled to stand trial in New York City in March, halfway through the primary voting season.

Prosecutors Seek December Trial Delay for Trump's Classified Documents

On Friday, prosecutors in special counsel Smith’s office told the court that they had addressed the delay with Trump’s lawyers.

“Defense counsel confirmed they do not oppose an adjournment of the current trial date,” according to the filing.

The key reason for the sought delay, according to prosecutors, is the necessity for security clearances for the defense attorneys. Interim approvals can be granted in 48 hours, according to the court filing, but the final approval required to evaluate all documents will take 45 to 60 days. According to the filing, not all defense attorneys have submitted the necessary documentation to begin the procedure.

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Trump has been accused of mishandling confidential materials that he took with him when he left the White House. The indictment, which was made public this month, stated that the documents in question are still classified.

The Classified Information Procedures Act establishes criteria for the use of classified documents in court. The filing included a recommended timeframe for both parties to argue how secret documents will be handled throughout the trial.

Trump and co-defendant Walt Nauta are charged with 37 counts of making false statements, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and deliberate retention of national defense secrets.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing, insisted on his right to keep the materials, and accused his prosecution of being politically motivated. He entered a not-guilty plea in a Miami courtroom earlier this month.

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