Paddy The Baddy Pimblett Net Worth

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett Net Worth: Wiki, Career, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Earnings, And More

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth has risen after he became a part of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. He is a famed English mixed martial artist who is considered to be the next Conor McGregor. Paddy has now become one of the trending fighters belonging to the professional MMA community. When Paddy started his career in MMA, he was in the featherweight division. Prior to that, he was a former Cage Warriors featherweight champion.

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth comes from being a fighter, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and much more. As his popularity is growing over the years, fans are interested to find out Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth in the recent year. He has achieved a lot in his career but how did you do so? 

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Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s Early Life

Born on 3rd January 1995 in Huyton, England, United Kingdom, his family was strictly Christian. Mark Pimo and Jackie Pimo were his parents. He went to a local high school. In 2011, he had his first amateur fighting debut in Raw 1. He won that by submission. Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth went through a lot of steps before attaining that lucrative sum. The star started training for his professional career and mixed martial arts when he was just 15. It was the iconic fight between Vitor Belfort and Rich Franking at UFC 103 that motivated him to pursue his dreams. 

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s Career

The fighter debuted his professional career at only 27 years old in the year of 2012. During that match, he fought against Nathan Thompson. In 2016, he went on just claiming the title of Cage Warriors Featherweight Championship 2016 at Arena in Liverpool. In this event, he became triumphant over Johnny Freschi. Later, he also won the title against Julian Erosa. This was one of the most controversial unanimous decisions.

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett
Paddy The Baddy Pimblett

Over the years, he improved his skills and fought multiple fighters to eventually mold Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth. Soon he became better with days and then advanced through ranks to attain all the titles he deserved. Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth was redefined after he was granted the opportunity to sign with the prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on 29th March 2021. The budding star had to make two major wins before finalizing his contract with the UFC. His promotional debut was against Luigi Vendramini on 4th September 2021 against Luigi Vendramini at UFC Fight Night 191. He shocked the world when he won the game in the first round only.

On the way to building Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth, the fighter faced Jordan Levitt on 23rd July 2022. This was the game of UFC Fight Night: Blades vs. Aspinball. Just by making a back-naked choke submission in the second round, he bagged the Performance of the Night award for himself. It is the growing years of Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth and in the future, people are anticipating him to become the next Conor McGregor.

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s Personal Life

Paddy has been in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend. He has been engaged to Laura Gregory. Apart from growing Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth, he is also focused on starting his family life. In February 2020, Paddy asked the question when the couple was celebrating their vacation on the Phi Phi islands. It is heard that the couple will be marrying in May 2023.

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Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s Age, Height & Weight

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett is currently 27 years old and is a pretty tall guy with a height of 5ft 10-inches. He weighs 70.7 kgs and the overweight photos of him are stated to be photoshopped.

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s Net Worth

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between the US $1 to 5 million. As a matter of fact, his salaries are ranging from the US $150,000 to $100,000. So, Paddy, The Baddy Pimblett net worth is steadily rising to a position that is going to be unbeatable.

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