Officials Say 3 Teens Die After A Chase That Ends In A Crash In Shelby

Three adolescents were killed after a chase in Shelby resulted in a crash around 1:07 a.m. Channel 9 learned on Sunday.

According to deputies, someone driving away from a barbeque in Cherokee, S.C., called 911 to report that individuals were shooting at their car.

According to deputies, the female caller stated she was a passenger in a vehicle hit by a suspect truck still following them.

The truck that was the source of the shooting then entered Cleveland County. A deputy began following the car on Sulphur Springs Road and nearly overtook the pickup traveling at high speeds.

After the deputy lost sight of the vehicle, he found it had crashed into a home at the intersection of Dekalb Street and Suttle Street. No one in the house was hurt.

Officials Say 3 Teens Die After A Chase That Ends In A Crash In Shelby

The home’s owner informed Channel 9 that he was sleeping during the disaster.

“I was in the bed asleep I was in this room. Another 15 feet and it would have hit me. If it had been on this side of the house it would have been right in my front room,” Kenneth Hoskins, a homeowner, stated.

According to a tweet from the official account of  Genevieve Curtis:-

Hoskins said he has lived in the house since 1971 and considers himself fortunate not to have been injured.

“This is the way crime. Are people got nothing better to do?” Hoskins stated. A deputy told Channel 9 that the boys died at the site.