NYC Lawyer Shot Dead While Traveling Abroad In Chile

A Staten Island lawyer who had spent his life helping people was shot and killed while on vacation in Chile earlier this month. His family is still trying to figure out what happened.

Eric Garvin, who is 38 years old, hasn’t been seen since January 14, when he was last seen in Santiago, the country’s capital city.

NYC Lawyer Shot Dead
NYC Lawyer Shot Dead

One week later, his family discovered their son had been killed and his body was in a hospital mortuary. This was a terrible thing to hear.

“This is the darkest chapter of our lives because we are living every parent’s worst nightmare,” his father Eric D. Garvin wrote on Facebook.

Post by Eric D. Garvin from his official Instagram page.

The man from Staten Island was shot and killed on a street the same day he took a picture of a building. The attack seemed to be random.

Eric D. Garvin told ABC 7 that three to four men shot him three times and stole his phone.

“What they told us is my son was innocently walking down the street, paused for a moment, took a snapshot of a building in a drug-infested area,” he said. “And immediately following that, three gentlemen came across the street grabbed my son and stole his phone and shot him three times and he died there on the scene.”

People say that Garvin Jr. was shot as he was going out to get dinner.

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The sad father said that his son died “doing what he loved to do, which was travel abroad.”

He thought he had been to more than 40 countries in his life, and many of those trips were with his sister Naomi Garvin.

“I want people to be more like him, I want people to make space for each other,” she told ABC 7. “I want them to be curious about meeting each other and experiencing each other’s cultures.”

He was supposed to fly to Argentina the day after he was killed to continue his trip with a friend who was also on the trip but wasn’t with him when he was killed.

Garvin Jr. moved to Staten Island from Maryland ten years ago. He went to law school in Maryland and graduated from there. He had worked for the City Council and as a senior project manager for the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice until 2021.

ABC said that when Bill de Blasio was mayor, he worked on plans to stop gun violence in places like Brownsville.

On Twitter, many elected officials sent their condolences.

“Deeply saddened to hear the news of Eric Garvin’s passing,” Staten Island Assemblyman Charles Fall tweeted. “Eric was a dear friend to me and so many in our community. My heartfelt condolences are with Margie Garvin and the entire Garvin family.”

 The Tweet given below is from @Charlesdfall’s official Twitter account. Regarding the above statement

“Eric was a close friend of mine and many other people in our town. Margie Garvin and the whole Garvin family have my deepest condolences.”

Marjorie Garvin is Eric Garvin’s grandmother. She is a well-known activist for Black Staten Islanders in the community. Congress has given her an award for her work to get more people registered to vote.

On Monday, his father and sister went to Santiago, Chile, to meet with investigators and people from the US Embassy. They are also making plans for his body to be brought home.

Eyewitness News ABC7NY a Youtube news channel uploaded a video regarding a Staten Island lawyer killed while traveling abroad in Chile, Given Below.