NASA Has Postponed the Launch of the Artemis I Moon Mission Until When?

NASA has changed the date it will send Artemis I to the moon. The latest delay is because of Tropical Storm Nicole. The space agency has made it clear that the safety of its employees is a top priority.

After all, no one wants surprises or rain during a mission that has several parts and could last until 2030.

When will NASA’s Artemis I moon mission now take place?

People think that because of this, the launch will be moved to Wednesday, November 16. But the date is not set in stone. NASA experts are waiting to see how the weather changes before they can say for sure if they can actually launch.

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“We are focused on the 16th, and if we get stuck by something we encounter during the launch or testing, then we will have to think about the 19th,” the agency said in a statement.

When will Artemis I be launched?

If Tropical Storm Nicole doesn’t delay the launch again, the mission is set to take off from Florida on Wednesday at 07:04 CET, which is Wednesday morning at 01:04 EST.

The Artemis 1 countdown and launch will be shown live on through NASA Television, as well as on the NASA app and website.

Sequence of events for the Artemis mission

There are different parts to NASA’s plan. The goal of the unmanned Artemis I mission is to put the Orion spacecraft on a path that will take it to the moon.

It will come back to Earth, and the goal of the agency is to make sure there are no problems when it re-enters the atmosphere.

In 2024, a manned spacecraft will take part in the next step of the program and in 2025, a manned spacecraft will land on the moon for the first time.

NASA will keep sending missions with different scientific goals until 2030.

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