Mark Hurd Net Worth: The Financial Success of American Technology Executive!

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Mark Hurd Net Worth

At the time of his passing in 2019, American entrepreneur Mark Hurd had a net worth of $150 million. The Oracle Corporation, the second-largest software firm in the world at the time of Hurd’s passing, was probably best recognized for his role as co-CEO.

Hurd formerly held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer, and president of Hewlett-Packard before joining the Oracle Corporation. Mark was also a member of the Technology CEO Council until 2010 and was regarded as mighty in the technology sector. Numerous sources asserted that Mark had cancer when he passed away in 2019 after his death.

The Financial Success of Mark Hurd

Beginning in 1980, Mark began working for the NCR Corporation shortly after graduating from college. He started working with NCR as a junior salesperson. Over the years, he climbed the corporate ladder, having jobs in general management, operations, sales, and marketing. He spent three years leading the company’s Teradata data-warehousing division, where he was accommodating.

Mark Hurd Net Worth
Mark Hurd Net Worth

Hurd was appointed to lead NCR as its new president in 2001. He also became the chief operating officer in 2002. (COO). By his time with NCR ended, he had been the company’s president and CEO for two years.

His leadership at NCR Corporation throughout his 25-year tenure successfully improved operating efficiency. Mark developed a solid leadership team and supported the product line. In 2004, NCR’s revenue increased by 7% over the prior year, and its net income rose to $290 million.

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Mark Hurd HP

Hurd filled the vacancy left by Carly Fiorina’s forced resignation as HP CEO in 2005. Mark was chosen as the permanent CEO and given the title of President after Robert P. Wayman served as the interim CEO for a few months. However, he wasn’t named the new chairman when he was chosen for the board of directors.

In HP’s history, this was a bit of an anomaly. However, following the contentious resignation of Pat Dunn, he also assumed this position in 2006. Hurd was a successful leader. During his time there, Mark assisted HP in becoming the laptop market leader by 2006. A year later, HP was still globally leading desktop computer sales.

Hewlett-market Packard’s share in the sales of inkjet and laser printers climbed significantly in 2008, reaching 46% and 50.5%, respectively. Hurd increased HP’s sales by 63% and doubled the value of the company’s stock in 2008 despite the possibility of a recession.

Hurd received credit for aiding in the merger of HP and Compaq. On the downside, Mark had a reputation for firing tens of thousands of employees to cut costs. Over 15,000 employees were laid off under his leadership. This amounted to 10% of all HP employees.

In addition, he denied benefits while imposing a 5% payout on all staff in 2008. He controversially agreed to take a 20% wage cut while raising his bonus by precisely the same 20%.

Mark Hurd Resignation

During an investigation into a possible transgression of HP’s sexual harassment policy in 2010, Hurd left the firm. Although Mark was acquitted of all charges of sexual abuse, the inquiry unintentionally turned up evidence that he had submitted false expenditure reports. HP later apologized for pressuring Hurd to quit.

What is Mark Hurd’s Salary?

Hurd was on a basic salary of almost $2.4 million at his death. He made nearly $40 million annually from all pay sources. He received $108 million in 2018 from his many income sources. In 2008, Hurd received approximately $40 million in total pay from HP. The most fantastic bonus received by any CEO in 2008 was a cash award of about $24 million.

Mark Hurd Real Estate

Mark and his wife bought a house in Atherton, California, in 2005. The house cost him $7.1 million to build, and its value eventually rose to around $8 million.