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This time of year is all about cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and of course, Christmas films. A dating app connection gone astray is the subject of Hernán Jiménez’s “Love Hard,” which attempts to win over romantic comedy enthusiasts ahead of this year’s celebrations. Overall, this cookie-cutter rom-com is nothing more or less than what its subgenre requires.

When it comes to blogging about her bad love life for an embarrassing website, Natalie (Nina Dobrev) has made a profession out of it. After a succession of failures, a buddy increases her dating app’s search radius to encompass the whole United States. Finally, she’s paired with someone who’s both kind and interesting to chat to. Lengthy-distance digital lover hopes Natalie could be there for Christmas after a long correspondence. At the encouragement of a friend and her employer, Natalie sets out for Lake Placid, New York, to meet a guy she’s always wanted to have a relationship with.

However, when she arrives, Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) looks nothing like the photos he showed her in advance of their meeting. Tag (Darren Barnet) was a previous buddy of his who he used to flirt with girls on dating apps. Natalie, enraged but stranded in Lake Placid without her suitcase, decides to remain and pretend to be Josh’s girlfriend in order to win over his parents. Even if it’s as dishonest as what Josh has done to her, Josh vows to help her win over the guy whose photographs she first fell for.

“Love Hard” isn’t as as festive as I had thought, but it still has its heartwarming moments. To play up the pressure on the fictitious couple to keep up the charade, nearly every scene between Natalie and Josh and Josh’s family is a hit. This includes Grandmother Takayo Fischer, Father Bob James Saito, Stepmother Barb Rebecca Staab and competitive brother Owen Harry Shum Jr. and his wife Chelsea (Mikaela Hoover). Daniel Mackey and Rebecca Ewing’s writing, on the other hand, has a tendency to go from “how lovely, how hilarious” to “cheap cringe,” which is a problem. Natalie downs shots at a bar in order to get some booze in order to try to attract Tag. Due to a fruit allergy, her face inflate up from the response of the injections. It’s a gory sequence meant to be funny, but it comes out as cruel in a film that generally does a good job of making you laugh.

“Love Hard’s” storyline aspects seem to have been inspired by current events, which is a strange touch. Catfishing—the practise of claiming to be someone else online—is so widespread that MTV devoted an entire show to it. On dating apps, Asian men may face discrimination because of their appearance, Josh tells Natalie. According to Natalie, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has been the subject of several stories concerning its lyrical content. Her incessant insistence that “Die Hard” isn’t a suitable holiday film? It’s the same. As important as these facts may be, they don’t fit in with the movie’s overall narrative. As though they were introduced in a later draught, some elements seem to be missing.

No matter how much more Christmassy “Love Hard” is, I don’t think it will be as popular as “Die Hard.” This show has a lot going for it, but it’s not enough to rescue Dobrev and Yang from the predictable situations, simple comedy misunderstandings and awkward set-up mistakes that they have to deal with. Some of the movie’s internal logic doesn’t exactly go together, such Natalie’s strong objection to even hearing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on the radio, yet she stays to aid the person who lied to her.. If you want to experience the happiness that “Love Hard” is trying to convey, you’ll need to pay for the whole sleigh trip, no matter how rough it is. Others may have a better time than Scrooge, but that’s why the movies come around every year.

Release Date Of Love Hard

The story revolves on a young lady who goes to her internet crush’s hometown for Christmas, only to realise that she has been catfished. Yang and Darren Barnet wrote the script. It was produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision and shot in Vancouver from October to November 2020, with the release date set for November 2020. Netflix will premiere the film on November 5, 2021, in the United States.

Love hard

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Cast Of Love Hard

Nina Dobrev is the star of the film, playing Natalie, a writer from Los Angeles who goes to her internet crush’s hometown to surprise him for Christmas, only to discover that she has been catfished. Then there’s Jimmy O. Yang, who portrays Josh Lin, the catfish, and Darren Barnet, who portrays Tag, Natalie’s true love interest.

The three actors named above play the roles of the film’s major protagonists, respectively. The following is a list of the whole ensemble:

  • Nina Dobrev as Natalie Bauer
  • Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin
  • Darren Barnet as Tag
  • Harry Shum Jr. as Owen Lin
  • Mikaela Hoover as Chelsea
  • James Saito as Bob Lin
  • Rebecca Staab as Barb Lin
  • Takayo Fischer as June Lin
  • Heather McMahan as Kerry
  • Lochlyn Munro as Rex

Storyline Of Love Hard

A Los Angeles journalist named Natalie is sick of going on bad dates, but her employer Lee insists that she keep going on them since they provide interesting material for the website for which she works. When her best friend broadens the search radius on her dating app to encompass the whole nation, she meets Josh, a gorgeous outdoorsman who shares her passion for the great outdoors. Spending two weeks on the phone, they develop a strong connection and learn to know one another.

Natalie’s Christmas present to Josh is a 3,500-mile flight, which she books on the spur of the moment. When she meets Josh’s family, they welcome her with open arms and are overjoyed that Josh has found someone to share his life with. The images he provided her of Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) don’t even come close to capturing his true appearance.

In order to gain any matches, he used the images of his former best buddy Tag (Darren Barnet) as his own shots. This infuriates Natalie, so she makes a break for it. She meets Tag at a pub and is instantly smitten.

She makes a phone call to her closest friend to share the news. In order to catch his attention, she pushes Natalie to find a way to do so. In order to get her spirits up, Natalie drinks two shots. But Natalie is allergic to kiwi, so they’re out. In an attempt to get Tag’s attention, she climbs the stage to sing karaoke, but is immediately overcome by an allergic reaction. Her face puffs up and she passes out.

Natalie is taken to the hospital by Josh when he arrives at the same pub. As soon as she realises she’s been caught, she screams at him and tells him how she feels. Tag offers to help Josh hook her up with a new boyfriend if she pretends to be his girlfriend until Christmas day for the benefit of Josh’s family. Natalie reluctantly accepts the proposal.

In order to make Tag fall in love with her, Josh provides her with a number of advice and methods. He even has her practise rock climbing in advance so that she can go with Tag when they go climbing together. During this time, they form a close friendship. Despite Josh’s best efforts, the more time Natalie spends with Tag, the more she realises how different they are from one another.

Josh’s family accepts her with open arms as long as she pretends to be his girlfriend. During Christmas, Owen, Josh’s attention-seeking, “golden boy” brother, visits the family and constantly tries to overshadow Josh. In the event that Owen attempts to steal Josh’s attention, Natalie encourages him to take it back. When he heeds her counsel, he becomes more approachable and outgoing. Natalie and he even perform a Christmas duet together.

All hell breaks loose when Owen and his girlfriend make their pregnancy news public. By accident, Josh proposes to Natalie while in front of his whole family. Pressure from her peers forces Natalie to accept. Natalie’s hopes of a relationship with Tag are in jeopardy as a result of this. There is a pledge from Josh that this will not happen. Is it possible that Natalie will find true love and be content with her life?

End Lines

Because of this, Natalie chooses to terminate things with Tag and realises that the true person she has affections for is Josh. After that, she pops the question to Josh, and it seems like the two will spend the rest of their lives together as happily ever after.

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