Lady Gaga Ex-Fiance: Taylor Kinney ‘Star Is Born’ Success Makes Him ‘Very Proud’

Two years after their breakup, Taylor Kinney still highly supports Lady Gaga.

During the weekend, the Chicago Fire player, 37, congratulated his ex-girlfriend on her spectacular success for A Star Is Born, which grossed a lot of money. Her acting debut has earned her excellent accolades and placed her solidly in the running for the next awards season.

“I’ll tell you that I’m really proud. I don’t know. It’s watching someone live their dream, so, continued success and I hope it keeps climbing,” he told ET when asked about his famous ex. “The sky is the limit.”

Kinney and Gaga, 32, announced it quits in July 2016 after the actor proposed on Valentine’s Day 2015. They’d been dating for five years.

Lady Gaga Ex-Fiance

Kinney remains a major supporter of the star and said he wasn’t surprised that she was earning praise for her first-ever major acting performance.

“No, there was no glass ceiling. Ever! She’s always inspiring and I really do – I hope it does really well, and I know it’ll mean the world to her that I think everybody is receptive and yeah, I wish her the best,” he told ET.

Gaga has been dating CAA talent agent Christian Carino since Jan. 2017.

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