Kodak Black Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does He Have?

This page lets you learn about Kodak Black net worth, age, wife, height, weight, income, and much more. Kodak Black is a rapper with a $2 million net worth. Kodak Black is an American rapper who has had a lot of success. He is well-known worldwide, and most of his works have been done well.

Kodak Black became well-known in 2014 when his song “No Flockin” got good reviews and put his name on the map in the music business. In 2017, Black put out his first album, Painting Pictures. The album was well-known worldwide and reached number three on the US Billboard 200 chart.

The single from the album, “Tunnel Vision,” made it into the Top 10 of the Billboard 100 chart and was very well-liked. In 2018, he put out his second album. It went to number one on the Billboard 200. Even though he has made money, his career has been a mixed bag. He has been in trouble with the law since he was very young. Black also put out an album while he was in jail.

What Is Kodak Black Net worth?

Kodak Black is a famous person who has done well for himself in his career. Even with all of his success and praise, he failed to keep a good reputation, and he has been in trouble with the law a lot. Black has released several albums, most of which are very popular.

Even though he has been locked up many times for different crimes, he has been charged with stealing, hitting someone, having weapons, and much more. Kodak Black has a net worth of $2 Million at the moment.

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Kodak Black Assets

Home: Kodak Black is a rapper; his albums and singles have done pretty well. Even so, his career has been all over the place, and he hasn’t been able to make a good living. Black has no known or registered property as of yet.

Car Collection: Kodak Black’s car collection includes one or two cars. He has a Chevrolet and a Toyota, which he uses daily to get to and from work. Besides that, it doesn’t look like he has any other cars.

Kodak Black Biography

Kodak Black is a well-known rapper in the United States. He was born Dieuson Octave but later changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri. He was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Black and his mother grew up in a housing project in Pompano Beach. His mother raised him when the family had money and other problems. His parents came to the United States from Haiti a long time ago.

Kodak Black Net Worth
Kodak Black Net Worth

He went from being called Dieuson Octave to being called Bill Kahan Kapri. He started rapping in elementary school when he was very young. His childhood turned out to be much harder than he had expected. He was kicked out of school because he stole a car and got into fights.

He used to get into fights and fights with other people. From a very young age, he was called “Black,” which later became his stage name. He used Lil Black when he first started rapping but later changed it to Kodak Black.

Kodak Black’s Career And Awards

Kodak Black has been in the music business since he was very young. At age six, he started rapping and changed his name to “Lil Black.” Black joined a rap group called Brutal Youngnz when he was 12. Soon, he joined The Kolyons, another rap group.

Kodak Black put out three mixtapes in a row, called Project Baby, Heart of the Projects, and Institution, in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Kodak Black signed a record deal with Atlantic Records at the beginning of 2016, which greatly helped him.

In 2017, Kodak Black put out his first album, Painting Pictures. It was praised by critics and peaked at number 3 on billboards. He made three more albums after that. He put out his third album, Bill Israel, in prison in 2020. Kodak Black has not yet won any awards or honors.


Most of Kodak Black’s early life was spent in crime and fights. In the fifth grade, he was kicked out of school. Then, he worked hard to become a famous rapper. He went to Blanche Ely High School in 2014 to get his diploma even though he got his GED while in jail.

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Kodak Black is a successful person who has made some fantastic music. As a musician, Kodak Black has done pretty well for himself worldwide. Even so, he has had a lot of bad luck in his personal life. He has been in trouble with the law many times and has been arrested for several crimes.

He has been in jail for three years. Still, despite all of that, he has done a lot of great things. He has given away a lot of money and taken care of many orphans. He has a heart of gold. Stay tuned for more updates on NogMagazine.com

Questions People Usually Ask

What is Kodak Black’s Net Worth?

About $2 million is Kodak Black’s total net worth.

What is Kodak Black’s Age?

Kodak Black is 24 years old right now.

How Much does Kodak Black make?

Kodak Black is thought to make $60,000 or more per year.

What is Kodak Black’s Height?

Kodak Black stands 1.70 m tall.

Who Is Kodak Black Wife?

Kodak Black is dating Maranda Johnson at the moment.