Kanye West’s “F**king Fickle” Fans Get an “Answer” From Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to hear people talk about how she looks. In the credits scene of Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” the 42-year-old reality star talked about one of her most famous looks. She did this after saying that her ex Kanye “Ye” West’s fans “destroyed” her on the internet.

In one scene, Kim has lunch with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian while wearing a red skirt, a top with flames on it, and red boots with red heels.

“Let me just say one thing about this flame outfit everyone wants to talk about,” Kim says in a post-credits scene. “The internet destroyed me and was like, ‘Haha, this is what she gets not being with Kanye. Finally, one look she dresses herself, the Kanye outfits must have ran out.’”

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021. Throughout their relationship and after, she has been honest about how his style has affected hers. But Kim says Kanye helped her choose her fiery look, even though they weren’t together when the scene was filmed.

“The tea is this is one of the outfits he styled and picked out. So if you guys knew that and if we were together, you guys would think it was the coolest outfit in the world,” Kim says of her ex’s fans. “Everyone is so f**king fickle.”

Kim has talked more than once about her worries about how to dress after breaking up with her ex-designer boyfriend. In a May 2022 episode of “The Kardashians,” the mother of four kids said that Ye called her the first time in years that she got dressed up for an event.

Kim said that Kanye called her after seeing how she looked for the WSJ Magazine 2021 Innovator Awards. “He told me my career’s over and then he showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar.”

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