Kendrick Lamar Leak Phenomenon: A Deep Dive!!

Kendrick Lamar is going to name some people. Kendrick Lamar caused a stir in the rap world in 2013 when he collaborated with Big Sean and Jay Electronica on the song “Control.” In an effort to demonstrate his superiority, Kendrick Lamar named a number of his contemporaries, including the two other MCs who were featured on the track.

Even ten years later, Kendrick and some of the other artists he listed continue to harbor ill will toward one another. Big Sean has been accused of indirectly attacking K. Dot, in contrast to Jay Electronica, who has been more candid with his criticisms.

We can always count on Kendrick to throw subs back anytime he decides to release, but his vault contains a few records in which he singles out certain individuals by name. The “OG” version of “ELEMENT” is said to have leaked this morning.

Kendrick Lamar Leak
Kendrick Lamar Leak

This version apparently contains direct digs at Jay Electronica, Big Sean, and French Montana. K. Dot’s difficulties with the latter appear to originate, in which he asserted that the Compton rapper was in a position to win at the Grammys. K. Dot’s statements were made before Verzuz’s comments were made.

Kendrick Lamar ELEMENT Leak

There are some of the song’s original lyrics that can be heard on DAMN that are included in the version that was leaked and started circulating on X (Twitter). The track “Paramedic!” by SOBxRBE, which can be found on the album titled “Black Panther: The Album,” was selected for its production.

RRT posted an official tweet which verifies that the original version of Kendrick Lamar’s ELEMENT. has been leaked.

He raps, “French Montana speaking on me in interviews/ Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve,” and this is one of the things he doesn’t like about French Montana. The attention then goes to Big Sean, and the verse acknowledges the problems that seem to exist between the two of them.

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The fact that DAMN was released in 2017, and that statements by French and Jay Electronica were made public in 2016, makes it appear as though this could have been a direct response to Big Sean’s “No More Interviews.” In addition, a number of the references, such as the battle between Drake and Meek Mill, suggest that this was recorded around that time.

At this point, that is all the information we have concerning the leak involving Kendrick Lamar. Follow our website,, for further updates in the meanwhile.