Jordan Poole Dating: Is Jordan Poole Married?

Poole is not married but is believed to be dating Kim Cruz. She is a famous Philipino blogger and an artist. Cruz was born in 1997 in Manila, Philippines. She has made numerous art pieces and sold them in several exhibitions in the Philippines.

Kim and Jordan’s dating rumors began in October 2021. Kim was once spotted wearing one of Jordan’s exclusive shirts. She also shared a shot from a Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors game, indicating they are probably dating. However, they have not declared their relationship openly.

How did Jordan Poole Meet with Kim Cruz?

Jordan Poole’s girlfriend has been a popular topic over the last few months. As the Golden State Warriors guard has landed a huge contract, many fans have begun wondering if he’s in a relationship with Kim Cruz.

Jordan Poole Dating

In October 2021, social media users initially started to speculate that Kim and Jordan were dating. The rumors sparked when Kim was spotted wearing one of his shirts. The couples have not said anything about their relationship.

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Who is Kim Cruz and is she Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend?

Kim Cruz is a well-known Filipino blogger and artist. The social media star, who was born in 1997, has worked hard to build a large following on her public pages. Cruz currently has 429 thousand Instagram followers as of March 2023.

The 24-year-old started her professional career as a television host. She eventually joined an art gallery to pursue her artistic passion. Cruz’s Instagram account is open to the public, and she has shared many of her creations there.

When Kim Cruz was seen wearing one of Jordan Poole’s shirts in October 2021, many fans wondered if she was his girlfriend. The influencer also shared a photo from a Golden State Warriors game, which fueled the speculation.

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