Jonathan The Tortoise Gay: The World’s Oldest Living Land Creature is A Lesbian!

Jonathan The Tortoise Gay: Jonathan, the well-known gigantic tortoise that inhabits the isolated South Atlantic island of St. Helena, may be roughly 185 years old, but it is obvious that time has done little to curb his thirst for s*ex. Since the Times revealed that the tortoise Jonathan has been “wooing” for the past 26 years may actually be named Frederica, the world’s oldest living land animal, Jonathan has received media attention.

When Frederica was introduced to the then-governor of the British Overseas Territory in 1991 at the age of 8 weeks, the animals apparently fell in love. The gender of Frederica is currently up for debate. The island’s veterinarian, Catherine Man, told Fox News, “It’s uncertain.” She might be either male or female.

The man said that male tortoises usually have a concave depression on the bottom of their shells called a “plastron” that enables them to mount females for mating. Man claims that Frederica’s small shell malformation makes it difficult to determine whether or not she has a plastron.

At the ripe old age of 26, Jonathan and Frederica live on the verdant grounds of Plantation House, the governor of St. Helena’s official house. Lisa Phillips, the governor of the island, wrote to Fox News via email, stating that Jonathan and three other tortoises “dwell in the pasture at the bottom of my yard.”

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While noting that they are “frequently together,” the governor, who assumed her position in April 2016, claims that she has not witnessed Jonathan try to mate with Frederica. She has, however, witnessed Jonathan having a s*exual relationship with Emily, a 49-year-old tortoise who also resides on the Plantation House grounds. She continues, “This is fairly astounding,” seeing his senior age.

Jonathan The Tortoise Gay
Jonathan The Tortoise Gay

The man also said that she had not observed any attempted mating behavior between Jonathan and Frederica since she came to the island in October of last year. A huge tortoise from Seychelles named Jonathan traveled to St. Helena in 1882 when he was about 50 years old. The Express said that the tortoise’s health has been deteriorating and that he had been losing his sense of smell and vision.

However, Jonathan, who has a keen sense of taste and superb hearing, has a new lease on life thanks to a high-calorie, healthy diet that includes foods like carrots, cucumber, and bananas, among others. Given the ambiguity surrounding Jonathan’s age when he arrived at St. Helena, his exact age also continues to be a source of considerable intrigue.

Joe Hollins, a former veterinarian for St. Helena who is now situated on the island of Tristan da Cunha, estimates his age to be 185. In an email to Fox News, Phillips stated, “Jonathan’s official age is 185. We don’t know when his birthday is, so I add a year on January 1 of every year.”

Hollins is happy to see the old gigantic turtle living out his days. He said in an email to Fox News, “So blind and with no sense of smell, I’m not sure he would really know whether he was gratifying his libidinous cravings on top of a male or a female tortoise. “He has erogenous zones, like other animals, and ideally they provide the elderly man a lot of pleasure. And I salute him at 185 years old. It is a remarkable achievement.”

An old turtle has made headlines before, so this is not the first time. Lonesome George, a well-known Galapagos tortoise whose inability to reproduce made him a symbol of extinct species, passed away in 2012.

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