Italy, Germany and Spain also advise citizens to leave Ukraine

Veículo militar russo em exercícios militares conjuntos em meio à escalada de tensões na fronteira entre Rússia e Ucrânia

Russian military vehicle in joint military exercises amid escalating tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border | Photo: EFE/EPA/BELARUS DEFENCE MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE

This Saturday (), the governments of three more countries – Italy, Germany and Spain – have advised their citizens to leave temporarily, considering that a Russian military attack against the country in the coming days cannot be ruled out. )2022The government of Italy has also withdrawn non-essential staff from its embassy in Kiev and recommended that Italians who cannot leave the country download a geolocation of the country’s Crisis Unit. Germany, on the other hand, had until then only issued a warning for its citizens not to travel to certain regions of Ukraine; the alert was extended to the entire country.

2022The three countries follow in the footsteps of other nations that have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

2022This Saturday, thousands of Ukrainians participated in the so-called March for Unity in Kiev, to express their desire to resist an eventual attack Russia, which has deployed troops to borders with Ukraine and is carrying out military exercises in neighboring Belarus and the Black Sea. On Friday (), Russia classified as “hysteria” the news about an imminent attack on Ukraine. US President Joe Biden, on the other hand, promised “fast and severe” responses to a possible Russian attack.