Is Will Wheaton Married? Discover His Marital Status!

Richard William Wheaton III is a native of the United States who works as an actor. He’s played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gordie Lachance on Stand by Me, Joey Trotta on Toy Soldiers, and Bennett Hoenicker on Flubber.

When Was Wil Wheaton’s Wedding?

Wil Wheaton is married to Anne Wheaton, whom he married in November 1999. They have been happily married for approximately 23 years.

Is Will Wheaton Married

Anne and Wil met for the first time at a New Year’s Eve party in 1995, owing to their mutual friend Stephanie. Nothing significant happened that night, but the two were reunited a few days later for a movie date planned by the buddy and her boyfriend. After that, they continued hanging out and getting to know each other better.

Anne claimed she had no idea Wil was a famous actor until she met him at a “Star Trek” event in London. Anne and Wil had only been dating for a few weeks when she introduced him to her sons; the family moved in with Wil nine months later. On November 7th, 1999, they exchanged wedding vows.

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Anne Wheaton Diseases

In June 2017, Anne experienced an intense and unsettling sensation on the right side of her body, close to her kidneys. Upon seeking medical attention, her attending physician attributed this discomfort to a kidney stone, and she was promptly prescribed medication before being discharged. Despite the initial relief from the medication, Anne’s condition did not improve, and her distress intensified. It was only later that she uncovered the true source of her agony: ovarian torsion.

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This distressing event unfolded due to a confluence of factors, comprising the effects of Wil’s prescribed medication, the sudden onset of a migraine, and the unexpected compression of a nerve. However, ovarian torsion, a particularly distressing development, had roots in a cyst that triggered a torsional twist, causing a disruption in blood circulation to the ovary.

Regrettably, this disruption led to the eventual demise of the ovary. Over the course of several days, Anne’s agony escalated, culminating in the decision to surgically remove the affected organ. This procedure marked the end of Anne’s excruciating ordeal, bringing relief not only to her but also to her husband, who had been profoundly concerned about her profound and relentless suffering.

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