Is There Any Way to Watch Missing Online?

Missing is now in theatres, but if you don’t plan to go to the movies this weekend, you may wonder where you can stream the movie online. Is Missing on HBO Max or another service where you can stream movies?

Even though we here at Hidden Remote love going to the movies, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t sometimes enjoy watching a movie from the comfort of our couch. And it’s easy to do that now because there are so many ways to stream.

Missing is about a young woman named June who is desperate to find her missing mother, Grace. Grace went missing while on vacation in Colombia with her boyfriend, Kevin. Grace can’t go to Colombia to look for her mother, so she has to use technology and do everything online. This is how we see a lot of the story. Grace finds out quickly that this is a lot more complicated than she thought.

Will Missing Stream on HBO Max After Theaters?

At the time this was written, you could only see Missing in a theatre. When the movie leaves theatres, it won’t be streaming on HBO Max, which is a shame. Due to a deal between Sony Pictures and Netflix, Missing will be available to watch on Netflix after its run in theatres. Our best guess is that this will happen this summer or maybe in May 2023.

Is There Any Way to Watch Missing Online
Is There Any Way to Watch Missing Online

Where the Crawdads Sing came out in theatres on July 15, 2022, and you could stream it on Netflix in November of that same year. Will you watch the action-thriller when it comes out on streaming, or do you plan to go to the movies this weekend?

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